🙏 2-Point Update (Only 2 Important Points Today)

Privacy Webinar and Thank you!

Hi from Glenn!

I want to remind you of the webinar I’m holding later today, but before I give you the details I want to say something personal, if I may.

I’m grateful that you read my newsletters.

My audience is quite small compared to many voices, but I don’t mind that. I have a quality audience who has been with me for a long time, and I’d like to think that I’ve earned your trust.

Over the years, you’ve seen my newsletter and my message change and evolve. This evolution is about me figuring out what I want to say and how I want to say it.

More than this though, it’s about seeking truth every day. I try to combine scientific analysis with common sense, skepticism and spirituality to see the bigger picture of what’s really happening in our world. My goal is to provide you with a valuable perspective on what’s happening in our world.

I hope my views have helped you find perspective in this crazy world. If I have touched you, even in a small way, I am satisfied.

In April last year my newsletter changed, because the world had changed. I have observed the events of the past 10 months (can you believe this chaos has only been going on for 10 months!) and my perspective on what is happening is different than the vast majority of journalists and commentators.

Our country is hurting right now, as are a lot of people. In my opinion, this pain is caused by a struggle between those who want to keep their freedoms, and those who want to gain power over us. I think this battle is just heating up, so unfortunately, I believe that 2021 will be a harder year than last.

I know that many of you are dejected and depressed by the highly coordinated efforts to steal our freedom, but there are real signs of hope for us liberty-minded people.

I have been thinking about this a lot, and I want to suggest a plan of how to move forward, as individuals and as a country. I’m not quite ready to share this plan, but in the next couple days I will send you an important newsletter with this message, so please stay tuned.

I feel that this newsletter is part of my spiritual mission. I want God’s light to shine through me, and I pray every time I write a newsletter to you. In fact, you will notice that sometimes I don’t send out a newsletter each week.

There are two reasons for this. First, sometimes I have to do other work to pay the bills. But more often it’s because sometimes I spend days writing a newsletter and then I don’t end up sending it to you.

Each time I write a newsletter, I pray and ask for guidance as to whether the newsletter is actually fulfilling the mission that God wants of me. If I don’t feel 100% about a newsletter, I don’t send it. My goal is to uplift and enlighten, so that’s what every issue has to do.

In the past 6 weeks I have scrapped two newsletters that I spent days writing. These are very emotionally charged times, so I feel a big responsibility for what I write.

My strategy is simple; I want to share my thoughts with you in a very sincere way and I hope that you will find enough value in my newsletter to become a premium subscriber.

I love writing this newsletter. Currently, however, I’m not making enough from this newsletter to support my efforts and to support the time that this newsletter takes for me to write it. As I said, each newsletter takes days to write.

I would love to be able to devote my full time to this venture. The fact is, however, if I don’t get more premium members I may have to get a job that will take priority over this newsletter, which means that I would have to reduce the time I spend on it. So, if you like this newsletter and you like what I have to say, please consider becoming a premium member. It’s only $5 per month (or give more if you can).

I am an independent voice. I don’t work for anyone else, so the only money I make is from people who become premium subscribers.

I think it’s important to support independent voices who are actual truth seekers, because this is a rare thing in our world today. I believe that journalists have lost their way, and many commentators stoke the division and hate that is consuming our society.

I personally don’t trust any news organization anymore. Instead, I follow individual voices. I listen to what they say. I make judgment calls on who to trust. And even when I find individuals that I trust, that doesn’t mean that I trust everything they say.

I think for myself. I have an open mind, yet I stay skeptical of everything I hear. I weave together many events and try to see how everything fits together. And I think you do the same.

I get many emails from you with your perspectives and suggestions on videos to watch. I don’t agree with everything I receive, but I have received some truly eye-opening things from you. And I am grateful.

I know that not everyone is able to become a premium member. Times are hard for some, while others are doing quite well. I will try to continue to write my newsletter, and I’ll try to keep most of the content free for people. If you can support me by becoming a premium member, please do.

Thank you!

As part of my membership-drive for February, I am putting on a webinar this afternoon titled, “LIVE Q&A: How To Get Private”.

Over the years I’ve talked about the importance of improving your privacy online and the importance of removing yourself from the online surveillance of big tech. But when you start looking at it, the move can be daunting. There are a lot of things to think about. So where to start? How do you go about making these changes?

I’d love it if you join us for this webinar. This is going to be highly interactive and (I hope) very helpful. To get the link to this class, please go here.

Here are the details...

TITLE: LIVE Q&A: How To Get Private.

DATE: Saturday, February 6th, 2021 at 2pm Central (3pm EST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST)

WHO: This webinar is exclusively for premium members as a thank you from me to you.

QUESTIONS: Please reply to me with any questions you have about making a move to privacy.

Get the Webinar Link Here

Thank you very much! 🙏

Glenn 💛

P.S. I would also love it if you share this newsletter far and wide!