🚀🌓 5-Point Update!

(How Money Works, Privacy Webinar, an Action Plan, the Moon, Impeachment and Silver)

“Drag your thoughts away from your troubles... by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.”

Mark Twain

Hi from Glenn!

I hope you are having a fantastic day!

Here are the five points I think you will like today...

💵💰 FIRST, I want to start off by showing you a video that I discovered that I think should be mandatory viewing for every American. There is a reason that we don’t learn anything about money K-12+. It’s the same reason that they make economics such a boring subject in college. They don’t want you to know how the system works. Because if you learn about money you will see how the entire system is designed to steal your money. Watch this short video and tell me that this isn’t fascinating, and that if everyone knew this we wouldn’t rise up and force change within our monetary system.

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🔑🔒 Second, this past Saturday I held a Live Q&A Webinar titled, “How to Get Private”. My goal was to help people with specific questions they had about getting private online, which is a very important thing we all should do. It turned out to be a great session that helped a lot of people. The replay is up now, so you can see it here. Please note that this event was only for my premium subscribers, because I wanted to thank them for their support.

February is my membership drive month, so I’m hoping to get as many paid subscribers as I can so I can keep doing this newsletter, and I’d like to be able to do it full time. If you like what I have to say, and if you think it’s important to support independent voices (it is), then I would love your support. Subscribe here. Thank you!

💻🛡 During the privacy Q&A webinar, I learned that the biggest obstacle to getting your online privacy sorted is that people just get overwhelmed. So I had an idea that I am going to role out next week; a Step-By-Step Privacy Action Plan. What I will do is send out one or two emails each week with small, bite-sized steps for you to do. You will have a few days to do each step, then we will move onto the next thing. Before you know it, you will be set up and much more private.

We will start with the basics, and then we will move up into more advanced stuff. I will also hold periodic Live Q&A webinars to answer questions about the specific projects you are working on. Does this sound good to you? I hope so. If you want to sign up for this, simply become a premium member. I will start this project next week.

🚀🌓 Next, I found this super interesting site that I think you will really like. It is called “Apollo in real time”. This was a completely volunteer project in which a group of people worked for years to piece together every piece of information from the Apollo landings, and put them in chronological order on replay. So you can relive everything that happened when we first landed on the moon. When you look at this, image yourself back in time 50 years ago, and think about how unbelievably brave and dedicated these people were.

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🏛👨‍⚖️ Just a quick note about the Impeachment Trials that are going on right now. Just step back for a minute and think about how crazy this is. The purpose of Impeachment is to remove a sitting President, so why is the Left pursuing Impeachment of an ex-President? He’s already out of office. What could they possibly hope to gain?

I think there is a very specific reason, but I haven’t heard anyone mention it, and it’s this: They are doing everything possible to step on and crush Conservatives with the hope that someone will react and do something stupid. They will then use this as an excuse to further turn people against Conservatives and try to seize our guns. Even if it’s a very small event, the media will completely blow it out of proportion.

They have been fanning the flames by continuing to call conservatives “white racists” every chance they get, while calling the few jerks who walked into the Capitol “insurgents”. I urge people to not react to them. In the next couple days I will share my thoughts on what is the path forward for liberty-minded people.

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💰📈 Finally, I want to tell you why I think it’s important to own physical silver right now (I am not providing financial advice of any kind).

You may have heard recently that a group of amateur investors on Reddit called WallStreetBets figured out that a large hedge fund was shorting Gamestop’s stock. In other words, this Hedgefund was betting that Gamestop’s stock price was going to go down, and if it did they would have made a lot of money. But instead of going down, this group of amateur investors made the price go WAY up. This caused the hedgefund to lose about $50 billion, while the amateur investors made a lot of money.

After this success, they turned their attention to silver. Silver is a highly manipulated commodity, and it’s in short supply. Banks, such as JP Morgan Chase, sell Silver ETF’s, which are paper IOU’s for silver. But the game they play is that they sell much more silver than they have in stock (often more than 250 times more silver). They can get away with this because hardly anyone ever actually wants to take delivery of the silver. Instead, the companies that purchase the ETF, simply sell the paper IOU and move their money somewhere else. This has been a game they’ve played for generations.

But what would happen if people actually took delivery of the silver while also buying up all the physical silver so none of it was left? These big banks will then have to go out into the market and buy up the silver to fulfill their obligations, assuming people will sell it to them. If there is no silver available, however, the price could shoot up. This is the plan that the WallStreetBets investors have, and it has caught fire. There is a huge run on silver happening right now, and people in China and India are getting in on the game too.

But here’s the problem, silver is not just a monetary metal. Silver is used in huge amounts by all the big electronic companies. Tesla, for example, is estimated to use over 2 lbs of silver in each car. Apple, Samsung and all computer and phone companies use huge amounts of silver. In fact, most of the silver in vaults will never go into circulation again, because it will be used in products.

I have been surprised at how the big tech companies seem to be unaware of the massive silver shortage coming our way. I was listening to a silver industry expert a few weeks ago, and he said that the entire global silver mining industry could be purchased for about $16 billion. That may sound like a lot of money, but Apple alone could do this without hurting their cash position in the slightest.

Here’s an interesting video. It may seem quite technical at first, but stick with it and I think you will find it to be enlightening.


Remember to turn off the media propaganda machine! They are stirring you up, lying to you and manipulating you. They are not your friend.

Stay safe and healthy,

Glenn 💛

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