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“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”


Hi from Glenn!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! Ours was full of family, great weather and joy.

Here are the five points I think you will like today...

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💉 🦠 SECOND, one of the things that has surprised me during this COVID fiasco is that people who were normally suspicious of pharmaceutical companies and who were fully aware of the limitations of modern medicine, have completely capitulated and surrendered to the proclamations of authorities.

Before this illness, many people believed that many doctors didn’t have a solid understanding of health, nutrition, vitamins and natural cures. I can tell you with certainty that very few doctors know anything about water, water contamination, or how essential pure water is to our health. I have always held the belief that surgeons are fantastic mechanics, but I am not, nor have I ever been, sold on the pharmaceutical approach to health.

Modern medicine, for example, sees germs as bad, but this is not necessarily true. We are part of the symbiosis of life. Most of the cells in our body are actually not ours. We are host to trillions of bacteria in our gut, on our skin and in our lungs. Part of living a healthy life means to keep our whole biosphere healthy.

Since modern medicine still sees humans as separate from our environment, however, they see bacteria, parasites and viruses as bad, thus the need to lather up with hand sanitizer every time we touch something, chlorinate every surface, stop shaking hands, and stop hugging people. These efforts kill our biosphere and prevent natural interaction and immune system growth.

Holistic medicine, on the other hand, sees that we are inextricably linked to all other life in ways that we can’t even understand. One of the doctors at the forefront of this study is Dr. Robynne Chutkan. She has adopted the motto, "Live Dirty, Eat Clean" to encourage us to get dirty (literally), while eating good, organic food and drinking clean water.

She points out that we are in a symbiotic relationship with our little microscopic friends and that our bodies have evolved to deal with our environment. Stress to our immune system is not a bad thing, and in fact is a necessary aspect of life. Even some organisms that have been previously viewed as harmful parasites are now shown to have positive health effects. The hookworm, for example, can cure the symptoms of Celiacs disease, and whipworm is being used to treat MS with remarkable results.

"When we consider immune health, it’s really about how healthy the host (ie, us) is that determines who gets really sick and who doesn’t. While the virulence of the pathogen is important, the health of the host is also really important. If the host terrain is strong and rooted, the pathogen has little chance to take over; if the terrain is weak and imbalanced, the pathogen can pose a serious threat. What I’m describing is what’s referred to as Terrain theory – the concept that a rich and balanced gut microbiome can protect us against harmful pathogens and prevent us from getting really sick; versus Pasteur’s germ theory – the conventional idea that the virulence of the pathogen is what determines whether or not we get really sick. Where our health is concerned, so much is in our power, and the power comes in the form of the lifestyle choices we make – Live Dirty, Eat Clean!"

Q&A With Dr. Chutkan On The COVID-19 Pandemic by Dr. Robynne Chutkan

But it’s more than this, we need interaction. We need to shake hands, hug each other, be intimate, breathe each other’s air. This is how our immune system works. We need to be exposed to life. We are here to live and love and be happy and make others happy. We need to breathe in fresh air and get sunshine.

We also need to see people’s smiles. We have a deep, instinctual need to connect with people, physically, emotionally and mentally. Health is multi-dimensional. Mental and emotional health affects our physical health. Lock people down, prevent us from smiling at each other, stop people from casual interactions and create constant fear and you will hurt all layers of our health, which is exactly what is happening now.

Not only do I believe that the virus has been severely over-exaggerated for the purpose of a political power grab and as a distraction for the largest wealth transfer in history, but I believe that the tactics that modern medicine has forced upon us has made the problem worse, and is hurting our health, both individually and as a society.

I urge you to ignore the political battles and whatever side you are on. Ask yourself these questions. Before COVID, did you totally trust modern medicine? Did you think they were the end-add, be-all? Or did you acknowledge that there was a tremendous amount about health that modern medicine didn’t know? Did you have a gut instinct of how to stay healthy? Were you aware of things you needed to do for your health that were not validated by modern medicine?

Also, did you trust the pharmaceutical companies? Do you believe that they are magnanimous in their intention or did you believe that they will do whatever they need to do to push their drugs on the populous? Remember that the companies we are now trusting with the vaccines are the same companies that caused the opioid epidemic, as well as getting millions of people addicted to behavior altering drugs.

I will tell you that from day one, I have remained calm about this illness. I have never, not even for one minute, been scared of this illness. I have observed how the government and media have ignored and manipulated the science and intentionally created fear with people. And as I said this time last year, the government, the media and the central bankers are manipulating this situation for their own means. They are not necessarily “in it together”, but rather they all have parallel goals that reinforce each other.

You believe what you want to believe. If you want to take the vaccine, more power to you. If you want to wear masks and social distance, that’s fine. The only point I am trying to make is that maybe the fear isn’t justified and a wider perspective would be helpful.

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⛓🤐 THIRD, I’ve been saying for quite a while that governments and the elites are actively trying to steal our freedoms, and this has been obvious to anyone who has had their eyes open over the past year. I’ve warned about the Chinese Social Credit System and the risk that it will come to the US and other Western Countries.

As a reminder, the Chinese Social Credit System is active right now in China, and it’s a terrifying technological form of slavery. In China, the government tracks everything you do, and you get rewarded for living your life in a way that the government wants you to live, and you get penalized if you go against their wishes. They are able to control every aspect of people’s, from how much money they make, whether someone is able to get a job or a loan or even a plane ticket.

I knew that the elite were going to try to bring this system to the US, but I thought it would be years before they were able to implement it. Actually, however, it’s coming very, very soon.

How? The VACCINE PASSPORT is the first step. This passport, which should more accurately be called the “movement passport” will determine your suitability for engaging in everyday life.

Want to go into a grocery store? Show your vaccine card.

Want to go to a restaurant? Show your vaccine card.

Want to travel? Show us your papers.

SHOW US YOUR PAPERS! Can you believe that this is the USA? We are going to get divided into a caste system of people who fall in line and do what the government and the authorities say, while the people who want to protect their freedoms and live how they want to live will be excluded from society.

Some people will say that this is not the government doing this, but rather it’s businesses, and businesses are free to do what they want because they don’t have to follow the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. But understand this…

In April of last year I said that the government’s destruction of small business while allowing big businesses was a planned thing. Not only was this a massive wealth transfer from the middle class to the ultra wealthy, but big businesses are easier to control and collude with.

And that is exactly what is happening now. Government will not mandate it, but instead it will “nudge” businesses into doing it. Here is what California is doing…

“Beginning April 15, for venues with a capacity of up to 1,500 people:

In the orange tier: capacity is limited to 15% or 200 people, but it increases to 35% if all guests are tested or show proof of full vaccination.
In the yellow tier: capacity in limited to 25% or 300 people, but it increases to 50% if all guests are tested or show proof of full vaccination. 

For larger venues:

In the orange tier: capacity is limited to 10% or 2,000 people, but it increases to 35% if all guests are tested or show proof of full vaccination.
In the yellow tier: capacity is limited to 10% or 2,000 people, and it increases to 50% if all guests are tested or show proof of full vaccination. 

So you design a plan where there are "options" with the big nudge that pushes people in the direction of the authoritarian desire.”

If you don’t fall in line, be prepared to be an outcast.

The Vaccine Passport is where we must draw the line! I don’t believe that Americans will stand for this. I hope we don’t stand for this. Regardless of where you are on the political aisle, I hope we can all agree that it is immoral to force people into medical procedures and it is unAmerican to allow government to tell us how to live.

I ask that you watch these two videos…

This next one is a great discussion between Tom Woods (awesome) and Dave Smith (also awesome)… (If this gets taken down, listen to it here).

I want to end this segment by saying that although this is scary, I am ultimately optimistic about freedom in our country. Not because of our government, but despite it. I think the elites will push us to far. I think they are already pushing us too far, and we will see a mass awakening from the people who will not stand for our freedoms being taken away. But the key is to stop this now before their systems become entrenched in our country.

🌽 🥕 FOURTH, as I mentioned last week, Marjory Wildcraft has a new book coming out titled, “The Grow System. The Essential Guide to Modern Self Sufficient Living - From Growing Food to Making Medicine.

I have been reading it, and it is a fantastic book. I am truly impressed.

Now is the time to start becoming more self reliant. We are facing some major disruptions coming our way, and the most important thing you will need to get through it is food and a way to grow your own food. The timing for this book could not have been better.

I think this message will resonate with many of my readers.

The book is available for preorder right now, and with your preorder you’ll get some great extra bonuses. I highly recommend this book!

🐟🇳🇿 FIFTH, somehow I found this video and I love it. My family is from New Zealand, and I spent much of my childhood there, and this video brought back so many memories. This gentleman is a classic Kiwi; kind, outdoorsy, and his life is an adventure.

Please tell me what you think of this video!

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