💛 5-Point Update (Health & Spirituality)

You're going to love today's issue, which is focused on health and spirituality and doesn't mention a single thing about politics.

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

Joyce Meyer

Hi from Glenn!

I hope you are having a fantastic week! Today I wanted to forget about politics and instead focus on health and spirituality. I hope you enjoy it.

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Here are the five points I think you will like today...

☀️ FIRST, something I’ve learned about health…

About 12 years ago I had a health problem. My fingers and arms went numb or tingly, and I had other weird symptoms. I went to the best doctors in Nebraska, and they put me through a battery of tests over many months. At first they thought it was cancer of the spinal cord (scary), then they hypothesized that it was a terrible neurological disease that, if true, would have left me paralyzed from the neck down (terrifying).

But, in the end they admitted that they had no idea what was going on, so they sent me to the Mayo Clinic.

I was incredibly impressed by the Mayo doctor. He properly diagnosed me within 30 minutes! The problem? A simple infection in my spinal cord. There was no treatment necessary, as he said that my body would heal itself within a month or two.

And it did, thank God!

I learned a few things from this experience. First, when you are dealing with your health, go to the best doctors you can as quickly as you can.

Second, I learned that every experience is an opportunity to grow spiritually. I learned some very important spiritual lessons from this whole experience, which I’m not going to talk about right now.

Third, I noticed something very interesting while I was going through this process, and this is what I would like to share with you today.

While I was going through my health problem, I experienced a very real “thirst” for sunlight in my eyes. I don’t know how else to describe it other than a thirst.

For the previous 20 years I had never set foot outside without first putting my sunglasses on. I was very sensitive to sunlight.

But during this infection, I was compelled to take my sunglasses off and look up to the sky. Even thought it hurt. Even though I had to physically take my fingers and pry my eyes open (just to be clear, I didn’t look at the Sun, just the sky.)

It hurt, but it fulfilled some need that my body had for sunlight. I had been starving my body of sunlight, or at least certain wavelengths of light for decades. It was deeply relieving - and deeply healing.

From this experience I learned that it’s not just Vitamin D that we get from the Sun. It’s the light itself that we need. It’s the sunlight itself that nurtures and heals.

Of course, when I told my doctors about this, they dismissed it out of hand. But my body knew what it needed.

And it makes sense. We have evolved for millions of years to the exact light waves of the Sun.

Why do we now feel compelled to wear sunglasses?

Unlike water, which we have contaminated, and food that we have genetically modified and contaminated with pesticides, sunlight has not changed. From my experience, wearing sunglasses weakened my eyes so I needed to wear sunglasses, a circle of dependency. Sunlight is good for us, and it’s necessary for our health.

Here’s how I try to live…

  • I drink pure water. This is easy for me because I have a water distiller in my home.

  • I try to eat healthy food, but I have to admit that I struggle with this.

  • I am trying to get more sunshine. I never wear sunglasses anymore.

  • I listen to my body and I try to do what is right for me. I know that I am responsible for my health and that my health choices are mine.

This is not health advice, but I hope you found my thoughts to be of value to you.

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💛 SECOND, discipline & service…

This weekend I thought about a speech that my 12th grade wrestling coach gave. It went something like this, “We all know people who have unruly dogs. Dogs that pull on their leash and want to fight other dogs. They jump up on guests who come to the house. Sometimes they even bite.

The problem is magnified when it’s a big dog, because he can really hurt you if he suddenly takes off after a squirrel while your arm is still attached to the leash. Having an untrained dog adds a lot of stress to your life. It makes simple things, like going for a walk, difficult.

If your dog is not trained properly, you will keep it at home instead of enjoying the park or even your neighborhood. You will find yourself not inviting people over. You will have to clean up after it poops in the house, and you’ll have to replace your damaged furniture more often. You may even have to compensate someone who was bitten.

This is a dog without discipline. Most people think of discipline as restrictive, but in fact, discipline gives you freedom.

If you have a well trained dog, it’s a joy to take it for a walk. You enjoy taking him to the lake and maybe even crowded events like a farmer’s market. Your trained dog will be better able to protect you, because you will have him with you more often and he won’t get too excited in an emergency situation. Your well-behaved dog becomes like a member of the family. You appreciate him and love taking him with you.

Your mind is like the dog. Do you have a disciplined mind, or an out of control mind? Are your emotions in control? Do you lash out in anger? Do you see life only from your perspective, or do you have empathy and can see other people’s perspectives?

If your mind is out of control, you make life difficult for yourself and others. You always run into problems of your own making. But, if you have a disciplined mind, and can control your emotions you are self-sustaining in all aspects. You are more likely to plan for your future, and live an ordered and productive life that is fun and relaxing.”

Now I want to take this thought further.

I’ve talked about discipline giving you more freedom. Now let’s look at love.

Young love is wild and passionate and full of emotional turmoil. This is often an emotional, selfish love. As we mature we (hopefully) learn to control our emotions and we find a purer more selfless love. We want to provide for and take care of our loved ones.

As love blossoms in our heart, we look to give back to life, and our life becomes more about service. Service to God and to your fellow man. Selfless love makes everyone’s lives better.

Freedom is great. Love is greater. And discipline is a vital component to achieve both.

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🐺 THIRD, a beautiful story by Kevin Costner…

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