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The video on the Sociopath Stare was quite interesting. I had become roped into a fake friendship for far too long with a clear sociopath from Sri Lanka. He was indeed a pathological liar. He pretended to be a war hero having led the presidential guard fighting against the Tamil Tigers of Ealam. He had apparent wealth, and couldn't resist dominating every relationship and manipulating others to rip them off. He was very good at intimidation and boy did he lose all control of his emotions and explode with anger when he was caught in a lie or failed to dominate someone with his lies and manipulation. Our 'friendship' abruptly ended a few months after I caught him in a crystal clear undeniable lie that he told me to deceive me into buying life insurance from him (he said I could cancel any time and receive my premiums back, because of a rider, but ten months later when I asked about exercising that option, he forgot his previous lies and wrangling with me, immediately blurting out "oh, you have to wait ten years to do that". He loved those 150% commissions. Later, when I interrupted him from trying to teach my 5 and 8 year old toddlers how to hold a pistol (he didn't ask my permission, nor would I ever want any training in guns by anyone with his level of carelessness, NRA instructor or not), he insisted on me pointing the pistol at his head so that he could demonstrate how a commando disarms someone, in front of my wife and kids. He wouldn't take "no" for an answer until I had to yell "No!" in a strong, voice like you'd use to stop a rabid dog. We left and I never saw him again. He called me a few hours later, at 1 am, basically threatening my life and challenging me to come fight him man to man, bringing anyone I wanted to help me, and he'd "put me down". He claimed to have assassinated hundreds of leaders of LTTE terror cells by garroting. Months later, when his insurance company tried to draft another annual premium, I contacted them to try to recover my original premium given the false pretenses and his failure to ever give me a copy of the policy. They returned my original premium. What I didn't realize was they fired him and all his under agents, after reversing his 150% premium. He basically called breathing murderous anger, trying to manipulate me into writing a letter contradicting the truth. I never before felt in fear for my life until then. He has a huge arsenal of fancy night vision rifles, war guns, headgear, etc. He ended up duping my then-wife and having an affair. Some of her family members warned me of their scheme (his scheme, primarily, to attempt to get revenge for him losing his insurance company position and for earlier losing face when I declined his offer to demonstrate disarmament) to take the kids and leave me destitute, paying child support and alimony, and I was able to avert disaster by using a PI & good lawyer to win primary physical custody (no child support) and no alimony (state law when an affair is admitted). And it helped that a retired deputy who worked for him and tipped me off on his scheming to try to get her and the kids on a private flight to central America (her home) to try to harm me. Bottom line, this clown was clearly a sociopath, and a pathological liar. His ex wife, the deputy, and a FFL dealer all confirmed he was a pathological liar. But yes, a clear sociopath, probably so due to severe abuse and traumatization by his father back in Sri Lanka. Great video!

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