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“You comply so your life will go back to normal, but your life doesn’t go back to normal because you comply.”

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Hi from Glenn!

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Here are the five points I think you will like today...

👁️ FIRST, you are invited to an educational webinar about online privacy.

Do you ever feel uneasy shopping online?

Are you not quite sure your passwords are secure?

Do you worry about being hacked?

If you said yes, you are not alone!

A February 2021 poll in Security Magazine showed that 72% of Americans are very concerned about online privacy. And with good reason. Cyber-attacks have been increasing dramatically over the past year.

According to Jürgen Stock, the INTERPOL Secretary General, “Cybercriminals are developing and boosting their attacks at an alarming pace, exploiting the fear and uncertainty caused by the unstable social and economic situation created by COVID-19.”

It’s time to be proactive about your online security and privacy!

In this webinar I will teach you why you should care about online privacy, five things you can do right now to become private, and we will have a live Q&A session in which I answer your questions. I know you will love this class!

WHAT: An Educational Webinar titled, “Big Tech & Big Brother Are Deceptively Spying On You. Here’s How to Protect Yourself.

WHEN: This Thursday at 7:00pm central (8pm ET, 6pm MT, 5pm PT)

WHERE: Online. Register here.

WHY: Learn key skills to protect your privacy.

WHO: Everyone is invited. Share this invite with family & friends.

Register here.

💉 SECOND, my wife received a text…

…from her friend today saying, “The vaccine has been approved, so now you can get it! Great news!

I know she means well, so I’m not going to be hard on her. But here’s what I want to say to her…

First, mind your own business. It’s none of your business whether anyone else gets the vaccine or not. This self righteousness that people think they have the right to get into other people’s business has to stop.

Second, so now that the vaccine is approved I’m supposed to trust the system again?

  • I’m supposed to trust the pharmaceutical companies who created a severe opioid crisis and have ruined countless lives, and have now figured out how to collude with governments to make countless billions of dollars and made many new billionaires? (By the way, my wife’s friend didn’t trust pharmaceutical companies two years ago, but now she’s all in).

  • I’m supposed to trust the so-called scientific authorities who have actively engaged in all out censorship against thousands of top level doctors and scientists? While the hoards of people who follow in lock-step haven’t said anything about this censorship, and they even cheer it. Fact: the scientific process REQUIRES freedom of speech, and if there is widespread censorship it shows that the entire scientific system is corrupted.

  • I’m supposed to trust the media propaganda machine that has created fear and panic across the globe? Who have distorted truth and ruined the lives of people who speak up against the approved narrative?

  • I’m supposed to trust politicians who have used this crisis to steal people’s freedoms?

  • I’m supposed to trust people who are trying to push this vaccine on people, even though most of them two years ago would fight to the death for the phrase “My body, my choice”?

  • I’m supposed to trust people who force their views on me and cheer at the idea of creating two classes of citizens based on whether people comply with the will of the authorities or not?

I don’t trust government, big corporations or the media because they are untrustworthy.

Here is a truth: I get to choose whom and what I trust. You don’t get to decide for me, nor does the government. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to force your opinions on me, I get to make my own decisions.

I don’t care whether you get the vaccine or not. I don’t care if you wear a mask or not. I give you freedom to live as you choose. But I also demand the same freedom.

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🧸 THIRD, think about this…

The average age of people who die from COVID is 82, while 78% of hospitalizations are people who are obese, and 94% of COVID deaths are from people with underlying health conditions.

Only 0.2% of COVID deaths have happened in people under 25 years old. Children are simply not at risk, and here is the proof.

Yet, public schools are going all out to ensure that young children wear masks all day at school. This is absolutely inhumane treatment of children, especially since it is absolutely unnecessary since they aren’t at risk, and the evidence clearly shows that masks do NOT help.

So why are public schools specifically singling out young children to wear masks? A few reasons…

First, the propaganda machine has distorted the perceived danger of COVID. See this study that shows that people overestimate the danger of COVID by 81 times. That is 8,100%! Note that this is true for BOTH parties. But it’s also true that people underestimate the danger of the illness for older people.

Second, but this doesn’t explain why very young people are being targeted. Children are being singled out all over the world. In Israel, the country with the highest vaccination rate, they now want to microchip children. Remember when any discussion of microchipping people was claimed to be nothing but a conspiracy theory?

What it comes down to is government’s desire to train people to accept their authority. Make them submit when they are young. Train them to comply and you raise a whole generation of people who do the government’s bidding (we already have enough of those people).

Remember, people in power always want more power. If you give them an inch, they will never surrender it. For thousands of years governments have used crises to steal freedom from people.

They can only push us so far, but the next generation will accept much more, if we let them brainwash our children.

So what to do? If my child were still in public school, I would pull him out. I would refuse to have my child indoctrinated in the values that teach racism, revisionist history, socialism and other damaging values.

I would look at alternatives. If home schooling were not an option, I would look at micro-schooling. As I understand it, micro-schooling is when a group of families with similar values get together and hire a teacher. This means you can vet the teacher, actively participate in the teaching, and you can control what is being taught. I will do some research on this further and share what I find.

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✏️ FOURTH, now for something ridiculous…

…and I think very funny - if you like really, REALLY dry humor. So dry, in fact, that there is still a part of me that thinks this guy might be serious.

Meet David Rees, master pencil sharpener. According to David, he makes his living hand-sharpening pencils for people. His website says, “Traditionally people mail in their pencils to be sharpened; however David now offers a new service: He will provide the pencil.” The cost? $100 per pencil.

But note: He only sharpens #2 pencils.

He also has written a book called, “How to Sharpen a Pencil”. According to the New Yorker, “HOW TO SHARPEN PENCILS is "the standard to which all future pencil-sharpening textbooks must now aspire."

Please watch this video…

I would love to hear if you think this is as funny as I do.

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😂 FIFTH, and now for some wisdom from George Carlin…

Yes, this video is crude and it has foul language, but I urge you to watch it because it has a lot of wisdom in it that people have forgotten. Please note that this video was taken LONG before the current dreaded virus.

I don’t agree with not washing hands after going to the bathroom, but everything else was good. What do you think?

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