💛 Three-Point Update! (Our Path Forward)

I only have three points today, but you're going to love them!

“When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.”

Ron Paul

Hi from Glenn!

I hope you are having a fantastic day! I only have three points today. The second point is REALLY important!

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Here are the three points I think you will like today...

👩‍💻 FIRST, I’m hiring again!

I recently sent out a notice that I was hiring someone for the Privacy Action Plan and I got some great candidates. So now I’m hiring again for a different position. I invite you to be a part of our very important mission, which is…

Privacy is an individual’s right, and is essential for human rights, free speech and liberty. We teach people how to protect their online privacy and security from Big Tech, Big Brother and hackers who deceptively monitor and record everything people do without their knowledge or consent.

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📜 SECOND, what is our path forward?

I want to share with you what I believe is our path forward if we are to remain a free people.

Yes, our freedoms are under attack. We are experiencing a very sophisticated, huge power grab, and it’s global.

You may see this attack on our freedoms for what it is, or you may not. Maybe you are one of the millions who can’t put all the pieces together, but you see that our world has changed drastically over the past year and a half, and not for the better.

Very few people actually see the big picture. It’s hard to see beyond the mainstream narrative told to us by the politicians and media. And it’s hard to imagine a plot so extensive as to affect all free countries at the same time.

My goal with this article is not to convince you that our freedoms are under attack. Rather,nmy goal today is to tell you our path forward. And actually, I think it’s the only path forward…

First, it’s important to note that we are not a Democracy. Rather we are a Constitutional Republic. This is a very important distinction.

This means that the Constitution is the basis for and foundation of all of our laws. All laws, edicts, rules and codes must abide by the Constitution or they are illegal laws.

One of the founding principles of the US is that our rights and freedoms are given to us by God, not by the government. Our rights are inherent, and can’t be taken away from us.

The Constitution is specifically designed to protect our freedoms by limiting the power of those who seek power. Because people who seek power ALWAYS want more power. This has always been true, and it always will be true.

One of the ways it does this is by separation of powers. We have the Executive Branch, which is the President, the Legislative Branch, which is the Congress and Senate, and the Judicial Branch, which are the courts. Each have limited, very specific powers.

The most important separation of power though is the States. The Constitution gives very specific powers to the Federal government, and these are the ONLY powers that the Federal government has.

All other powers are reserved for the States and the people themselves. In other words, the USA was created as a decentralized power structure.

One of the greatest overreaches of power is with the bureaucratic Federal organizations, such as the Department of Education, the CDC, the USDA and the myriad other organizations that grow infinitum, are impossible to get rid of, and infringe upon our freedoms. This is the “swamp” that many people talk about.

This “swamp” is very real, the bureaucrats are completely entrenched and it is simply impossible to get rid of these parasitic organizations because they are extremely skilled at ensuring their own survival.

At least, it’s impossible to get rid of them at the Federal level!

No President, Congressman or Senator is going to be able to drain the swamp, or is either party, because they feed off of each other.

But there is a way, and the way is to follow the law. The Constitution gives the power to the States, thus the States are how we must take back our freedoms.

Know this, just because past generations have allowed the Federal government to encroach on our freedoms does NOT mean that we can’t take our freedoms back. They have illegally created bureaucratic organizations, but the Constitution has not changed. The law is on our side, not theirs.

So how do we do this?

First, we have to educate people on the Constitution and the fact that is it the law of the land. Most people have no idea about this, which is what the politicians want.

Second, we need to elect Governors who will protect our freedoms from the encroachment of the Federal Government, such as DeSantis is doing in Florida.

But our Governors need to go further. DeSantis, and other Governors should declare all Federal Agencies illegitimate and illegal in their State. Each organization needs to be kicked out until they prove their Constitutional Right to exist and to influence anything in the State. This decision would be made by the State, not the Supreme Court.

Imagine the educational renaissance that would happen if a State kicked the Department of Education out?! A State could create micro-schools, give parents the choice of where to send their children. Parents could be involved more and could choose what lessons are important. States could explore alternatives to the K-12 system, such as allowing kids to try different apprenticeship programs or they could go to a college prep school instead of going to 11th or 12th grade.

States can be nimble. They can adjust and try different things. And each State can try their own thing and see what works and they can learn from each other.

The State should kick out the USDA, which is an organization that has created three giant corporate slaughterhouses that treat animals poorly, they prevent retailers from stating what country the meat comes from and it hurts local butchers and cattle ranchers. Set the free market free, and food prices will go down and quality will increase.

But it can’t be just one Governor who stands up. Right now, DeSantis is a target of the media because he is standing alone. We need 20 or 30 governors to stand up and be leaders who will protect our freedoms. We need State Legislatures who will stand up. We need State Conventions in which the States work together to stand up to the Federal Government. We need to change the State Constitutions to make it clear that one of the State’s primary roles is to protect people’s freedoms by stopping the encroachment of the Federal Government.

But most importantly, the power is in us. One of the failures of freedom loving people is that they outsource their struggle for freedom to politicians. They look for the next savior who will be elected as President. Don’t look for the next Trump, or DeSantis to save you. People have to stand up for themselves. Speak up. Talk to your governors. Run for Governor! Run for your local school board.

One of the biggest lies the government tries to sell you is that you are powerless to stop the machine.

And one final point, I am not referring to anything radical. This is the law, and we have to peacefully demand that the law be followed.

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