Some basic grammar: a noun is a name (NAME, not the thing itself) of a person, place, thing, action , idea or feeling. To name something is to gain control over it, to define it, to say what it is. Adam was given the job of naming the animals (and one would assume plants and other things, too) As such, he was given a control over created reality. because he could name them and their interactions. Without naming something, we cannot control or define it. Current power seekers are endeavoring to change the names of things, so that they no longer mean what they used to mean. That naming of things gives immense control. Beware the mandatory naming process.

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Thank-you Glenn, for speaking truthfully and declaring β€œWhat’s So!”

The world needs More people with platforms like yours to stand up and be clear so others may learn what you so obviously have. Bless youπŸ™πŸΌ

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Excellent, Glenn!

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Govern-control ment-mind We need to gain control of our own minds. This will not take place as long as we look out. We must begin to look within our own minds for what we need, want and desire rather than government controlled corporate advertising. All the agencies of that government are subcorporations of US Inc.

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Oct 9, 2021Liked by Glenn Meder

Right on point; it's going to take the states exercising their power GIVEN to them by the Constitution before we're going to be able to stop the Federal Government. Most people do not know this, as you said. We've all been brain washed over the years to think that the Federal government has all the power. They have only the power given to them but over the years the people have ignorantly given them much more than they should have.

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Okay one more Glenn - VALUES to LIGHT our LIFE

In 1994, Switzerland and the EU started negotiations about

a special relationship outside the EEA.

Switzerland wanted to safeguard the economic integration with the EU

purging the relationship of the points of contention

that had led to the people rejecting the referendum.

Swiss politicians stressed the bilateral nature of these negotiations,

where negotiations were conducted

between two equal partners and not between

16, 26, 28 or 29, as in the EU treaty negotiations.

These negotiations resulted in a total of

ten treaties, negotiated in two phases . .

The treaties are : Bilateral I agreements (signed 1999, in effect 1 June 2002)

1. Free movement of people 2. Air traffic

3. goods / passengers – rail and road 4 Agricultural products

5. Technical trade barriers 6. Public procurement

7. Science * mutual recognition of standards

V A L U E S to Human R E N A I S S A N C E


via this Dark Middle Ages to RENAISSANCE

Requires our T R A N S – F O R M - ation

Through :


BIG Degenerated 7 Sins LIVE & LET LIVE Switzerland Economic Integration

7. Government wrath tolerance free movement of people

6. Business greed open-mindedness public procurement

5. Media pride voluntary kindness air traffic

4. Bank laziness rational thought goods/passengers – rail/road

3. Pharmaceuticals envy honesty science

2. Agriculture gluttony civility agricultural products

1. Technology domination justice technical trade barriers

* commitment to truth * mutual standards

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Dear Glenn, Thank you again. I forgot to mention the 2nd very important and worthy LIGHT you shined our way. It is T H E consciousness that we come from

- and still ARE - that gave the wisdom of the writing of the constitution.

Humanity is in a TRANS-Formation from a Dark Ages / Middle Ages

to the next RE-NAI-SSANCE.

It is about I N N E R connection. Detach, Release, Listen, BE

0 IN-Spiration, awareness

1. IN-Sight, choice

2. Mirroring the INFinite in Personal Perspective, Integrity


3. IN-TerActive Resonance, Loving Responsibility

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Oct 8, 2021Liked by Glenn Meder

Yep all that would be a good thing for this country and the world.

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The best, quickest, easiest way to limit the fed is to use your lawful power of the purse and cut off its funding. Get educated on how to do this at LostHorizons.com. In a nutshell, several hundred thousand honest, law-abiding Americans have, over the last 18 years, secured over $2 billion in 100% refunds from the IRS and over 38 state revenue agencies by simply distinguishing, in a legally meaningful manner, the difference between private sector earnings and federal income. One is protected from the indirect federal income excise tax, and the other is subject to it. The private sector did not start paying the federal income tax until the 1940s, when a program called "withholding at the source" was implemented to a willing publish enthralled with war fever. Prior to then, Abraham Lincon's income tax of July 1, 1862 was only applied to federal workers or those investing in federal railroads or otherwise received federal income. From 1913 to 1940, only about 4% of working, money-making Americans filed income tax returns, but after the private sector started paying into the system, the number of working Americans filing tax returns rose to over 90%. And this had nothing to do with how much they earned, but the fact that in the 1940s, private sector payroll departments started issuing 1099s, W-2s, and such information returns on the private sector. Virtually all of these are fraudulent, and 26 USC 7434 provides for civil damages for fraudulent information returns, because 26 USC 6051 requires that these information returns ONLY report "wages as defined" in sections 3121(a) and 3401(a), and those sections where "wages" is defined in the federal income tax code consist primarily of exceptions of the types of payments from federal employers to federal employees which are excempt from the definition of "wages". The term "wages" absolutely does not apply to payment from private sector companies to those who work for them. And, by rebutting these fraudulent W-2s and 1099s, informed Americans have for nearly two decades exercised their power of the purse and defunded the federal government. But it requires more than just a few hundred thousand Americans upholding the law and requiring the IRS to respect the limits of its taxing authority. There need to be several tens of millions of Americans informed and educated. Having the federal government and its department of education running school curriculums has been a disaster, preventing Americans of knowing this type of information that would put a limit to its power. Having enumerated powers in the Constitution is nearly meaningless if you provide it unlimited funds, and that's what we have done for nearly 80 years. Everyone reading this, please, do your part, go to the aforementioned website, peruse the Bulletin Board page and the tiny sampling of 100% refunds issued by the IRS and state governments all over the country. Get educated and do your part. Your country is just about gone if you don't pick up the tools that the Founders of this Constitutional Republic gave you and put those tools to use. It will be scary, but there are hundreds of thousands of folks before you who have reclaimed our inheritance provided for by this great document called the Constitution.

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Oct 8, 2021Liked by Glenn Meder

I could not have said that any better Glenn. I agree 200% with everything you said. I am gonna copy and paste and send this to the Governor of my state of Ohio as well as many others. There are many people, like myself, who are not in a position to do a whole lot. I am a retired grandma with custody of my twin grandchildren trying to raise them and taking care of my 83 y/o mother with Alzheimers. I know there are countless people in every level of society who are very able and capable of doing something especially at the higher levels. We also need the followers of Messiah to wake up from their comas and feel the fire under their bottom ends. There is strength in unity and together the people of this great nation can take it back and take it back NOW! Thank you for being a light.

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If the law doesn't fit their agenda anymore, they will change the law. For instance by saying the Constitution was written by White men for White m'en, and that a new constitution needs to be written to "reflect the changes of the society". Remember that in one or two generations, White people will be a minority in the USA. And that several countries had already several constitutions. France got already 5 since 1789...

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Oct 7, 2021Liked by Glenn Meder

I liked your 2nd point so much I emailed my Governor and told him that he should kick the Feds out of Oklahoma.

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Oct 7, 2021Liked by Glenn Meder

Halleluyiah ! ! ! THANK YOU Glenn. This is important and truly PROGRESSIVE, effective and efficient ! Thomas Jefferson is smiling at you now. Let's shake his hand and send him a hug.

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Oct 7, 2021Liked by Glenn Meder

While I agree with pretty much everything you've stated, there is one issue that prevents most of this from happening and it's the one place where the law (federal law, at that) works against us. The power of the federal government to tax us and do with that tax money whatever they choose. And every year, they choose what to do with that money (and more) with no regard for the original intent and purpose of the taxes which raise the funds. And for decades Congress and the Treasury have chosen to take that tax money and bribe the States into doing the will of the federal government. Just like all of us individuals (as a whole), the States have become reliant upon money from the feds. Money they took from us to bribe the States to make laws against (yep, not for) us because the feds cannot, by law, make those laws happen. Now, if you can find a state that has enough non-federal money to support the school systems under its jurisdiction, a state that can afford to tell the Dept of Education to get the heck out, then the rest of us need to look at that state and follow their model. God bless you, brother, I hope that you're seeing something that I'm not and that my estimation of the power of federal dollars is greater than that influence really is. I would love to see you write that post in your newsletter!

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Oct 7, 2021Liked by Glenn Meder

JP was not funny. It was too true. Very sad that the powers in charge are forcing with coercion and guilt those of us who will not comply. Unnecessary deaths are happening because of denial of timely and proper treatment.

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Oct 7, 2021Liked by Glenn Meder

This is a great course on the Constitution https://online.hillsdale.edu/courses/constitution-101

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