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I just love you're newly discovered liberation from fear. I, and many others, need to hear that. I'm a prepper at heart but don't have the means to be self sufficient or off the grid etc. and I worry about that. It's a comforting reminder of Who's really is in charge of my life. My sister did a similar trip you are on to visit our father's birthplace. You a right about the splendid experience you are having EXCEPT it is the opposite experience in Berlin. Dirty from air pollution. She talked like an American and people looked sideways to see if others heard what they were talking about. There's a curfew.

And if you're too loud or your dog is (at night) your neighbor can call the police and you'll be thrown in jail. We see America going down the tubes, but it still is the best country to live in the world. We all need to remember that and do our part to keep it that way. Have a safe and splendid well needed R&R Glenn!

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I always receive useful information and inspiration from your Newsletter, Glenn, because you write from your Heart and Soul. And in this edition you brought back some peaceful memories from my childhood on a small farm in Southern Indiana. My German grandfather, Oscar Seibert, would move his cows from the barn to the pasture daily and there was that sound of cowbells. Thank you for that and for everything else you have done and continue to do that help us stay grounded in what is real and full of Truth.

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Glenn, I completely agree with you.. I just do not know exactly how to proceed. I have already alienated loved ones by talking too much and forwarding information too much. They do not WANT to hear it. I really do not want to leave my family, whom I love, and which includes grown children and grandchildren (also one great-grand), to try an forge at this late date new familial bonds with a communal family. Would love to move to the country, not enough country skills to maintain myself alone. Have alerted people at the bank and grocery store - not sure that helps. What can I do to help? Best, Elizabeth

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some time ago, you had a webinar with real gold money, from the mint. I actually signed up under you with one of your providers, did not have the chance to really learn the system and take advantage. Could you send me the details again?


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