An Important Announcement.

Please watch this video.

Hi from Glenn!

Today I have a very important announcement to make. I hope it will inspire you.

Please watch this video I made. I’ve been working on it for a very long time because I wanted to get the messaging just perfect. This is a vital cause for our country and our freedom.

(You can see the transcript below.)
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Here is the transcript…

“Hello everyone. My name is Glenn Meder.

Today I have a very important video that I hope will inspire you. I want to talk to you about freedom, the very sophisticated attack on our freedoms that is happening right now, and our path forward.

First of all, I want to say that I love our country. What makes America great are the values that the vast majority of us share, the love of individual freedom, equal justice, free markets, peace and prosperity.

The vast majority of us just want to live our lives in accordance with our inherent, God-Given freedoms, and we want to let others live as they choose to live.

But there is no doubt that our freedoms are under attack by people who crave power. This assault is in full force. Some see it, and some choose not to see it.

And I know that many people are depressed because of the highly coordinated efforts to steal our freedoms. It seems like we are losing the battle; that our values of freedom are nowhere to be seen in this insane world.


For a long time now I’ve been thinking about how we can stand up to this very sophisticated and relentless attack. And make no mistake, this is a very sophisticated attack.

And I know the solution.

But, before I tell you what the solution is, I want to first tell you that I believe there will soon be a great awakening. Because here’s the thing, while the massive assault on our freedoms is painfully obvious to you and I, most people don’t see it. Most are living in their media-created bubble and they simply don’t question what they are being told.

But the power mongers are drunk with power. They will push us and push us and push us, and at some point they will push us too far. The dam will break.

And when this happens, Americans will wake up in huge numbers. We will realize that America is not the same country anymore, and we will see the elite’s agenda for what it is, a pure power grab.

This awakening is already starting.

So are we getting close to the point where the power mongers have pushed us too far?

I believe so.


In other words, as people wake up, they will want to know what our path forward is.

We need to be crystal clear about this. When we wake up, we need to remember our “True North”. Our True North is our wonderful Constitution and our inherent freedoms that it protects.

The US Constitution is the foundation of all of our laws. It’s a divinely inspired document that codifies the simple and eternal principles of freedom.

We the People are sovereign. Our government representatives are not our rulers, but rather they are our servants. This is what makes the US Constitution unique in the world today, and it’s why it’s under attack.

Most people know nothing about the Constitution. They don’t realize that it’s the foundation of our legal system and that any law that conflicts with the Constitution is an illegal law. They don’t understand that the Constitution embodies our values of individual freedom, equal justice, free markets, prosperity and peace. They don’t understand that people in power always crave more power, nor do they understand that the purpose of the Constitution is to deny them that power.


First of all, in the USA we recognize that our freedoms are granted to us by God, they are not granted to us by the government. Our rights are inherent in who we are. But the government always wants to make us think that they grant us our freedoms, because if they grant us our freedoms, they can also take them away. This is the primary illusion that they try to sell us.

The second point is that the Constitution gives the Federal Government very specific powers, but these specific powers are the ONLY powers that the Federal Government has. ALL powers that are not specifically given to the Federal Government by the Constitution are given to the States or to the people.

In fact, the Federal Government has no authority on most things.

And I know what many people will say, “That boat has already sailed.” We’ve already given the Federal government many powers that they shouldn’t have, and we can’t take them back now.”

But that’s not true. The Constitution is the law of the land. Just because past Americans lost sight of our inherent freedoms and they let the Federal government take too much power, we can still take our freedoms back.

In fact, this gives us a very clear path to regaining our freedoms.

WE THE PEOPLE must demand that politicians abide by the Constitution. We must insist that our States take back the power that they have abdicated to the Federal Government.

We need to elect people in our States who will stand up to the Federal Government and who will stop the Federal Government’s never-ending quest for more power.

For example, the Constitution does not give the Federal Government any legal authority over how children are taught.

Parents have the right to raise their children as they feel is best, and the government has absolutely no right to infringe on the family. Each State should take proactive action to affirm State’s rights and get the Federal government out of anything to do with schooling.

Another example is that the Federal Government does NOT have the authority to seize our guns or restrict gun ownership in any way, and in fact, they are strictly forbidden to do so, and any effort by the Federal Government to restrict gun rights needs to be completely shut down by the States and by the people.

It is people’s God-given right to defend themselves, and this right is specified in the Constitution.

If you don’t like this, then form a political coalition to make an amendment to the Constitution, because that is the only legal way to make it happen.

The President and Congress do NOT have the authority to override the Constitution, which is why people in power hate it. And that’s exactly why the Constitution exists.

But I’m not just talking about States taking back their power from the Federal Government. We the people must take back our power.

We have to stop putting our hopes into a single leader, or a political party. This has to be a decentralized, grassroots movement. We have to stop being scared of the woke cancel culture. We can NOT let them bully us and scare us. We have to individually stand up to the people who are stealing our freedoms and our country, and this includes the big corporations who are banding together in a woke cartel.

Our path forward is to refocus our attention on the eternal principles that make this country great. We must remember our True North, which is the Constitution.


We have to study the Constitution, protect the Constitution and cherish the Constitution.

So this is a mission that I have chosen for myself.

The name of my movement is Cherish the Constitution.

I want to create a decentralized, grassroots movement that keeps us focused on the simple and eternal principles of freedom. I want to facilitate the great awakening of Americans to our wonderful, divinely inspired document that was created specifically to protect our freedoms from power seekers.

We the people have to protect that which protects us. We have to Cherish the Constitution.

I hope you see this as a worthy mission, and one that is necessary for our country and for the free world. If so, please help me with my mission.

I want to introduce two new websites…

The first is This is a blog and a newsletter. My goal is to provide short, powerful answers to the question, “Why should I care about the Constitution?”, because I noticed that all websites about the Constitution contain long intellectual essays that are super boring. In today’s world, we need short, powerful messages that inspire people. So that’s my goal with

The second website is, and on this site I am introducing the Cherish the Constitution Manifesto. This Manifesto is a powerful mission statement that is designed to remind people why our Constitution is so important.

So I want to quickly show you this manifesto, and I want to read it to you.

“Cherish the Constitution.

America is the world’s beacon of hope because we cherish individual liberty and trust our fellow man to make the world a better place.

We choose freedom.

We choose freedom of speech and the right to worship without interference from government. We have the right to defend our inherent human rights.

We strive to live and let live, with respect for people’s property and way of life. We seek peace and justice for all.

We embrace economic freedom so we can create better lives for ourselves and our loved ones. We do this by solving the needs of others in ever more efficient and effective ways, and in so doing we create value for society and advance the common good of all.

Our political representatives are our servants, not our masters.

They vow to defend the Constitution, because we are strong and happy when we are free. Government’s purpose is to ensure our liberty, not to tell us how to live.

The US Constitution protects our freedoms by restricting the power of government, because people in power always want more power.

Our path forward is clear; we must refocus on the principles of peace, freedom, prosperity and justice. We must cherish the constitution.”

I hope my manifesto inspires you. This has been very carefully written over many many months and with a lot of iterations, because I wanted it to perfectly answer the question, “Why should I care about the Constitution?”

I had an artist create a beautiful watercolor parchment and feather background that brings it to life, or you can just get the simple black and white version. And we also have a plain black and white manifesto, and here is how it looks.

You can buy this Manifesto as a poster or a framed poster and I’ve also created t-shirts with the manifesto on the back. My favorite is the yellow t-shirt.

So, I hope I’ve inspired you with my message today. I hope you see the vision of this movement and I hope you feel that this is a worthy mission. If you do, I ask you to do 3 things…

First, please go to and sign up for the new newsletter. If you want to support the mission, please become a premium member.

Second, please go to and get the Cherish the Constitution Manifesto. You can just get the poster and frame it yourself, or you can get a framed version of the poster. Hang it proudly at home or in your office and wear the t-shirt.

And third, please tell as many people about Cherish the Constitution as possible. This is really important. If you have a blog, please write about it. If you have a podcast, invite me on and we can talk about it. We have to spread this message far and wide.

Let’s get people to fall in love with the Constitution again, because the Constitution only protects our freedoms if we protect the Constitution.

Thank you.

Glenn 💛

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If you believe in my mission, please support me by becoming a premium member of this newsletter, or of my new Cherish the Constitution newsletter. And get a Cherish The Constitution Manifesto, which are printed on demand and are ready to go.