Fear vs Love: A Spiritual & Scientific Perspective

Why is there no such thing as a “flashdark”, which would be the opposite of a flashlight? In other words, why can’t you have a device that projects darkness?

Because darkness doesn’t exist. Darkness is only the absence of light.

The same thing for cold. If you put a hot bowl of chili in the refrigerator, the cold from the refrigerator doesn’t go into the chili but rather the heat from the chili goes into everything else in the fridge, thus making everything else in your fridge warm. Cold doesn’t actually exist. Cold is simply the absence of heat.

This is how fear works too. Fear, like darkness doesn’t exist. Fear (worry, anxiety, anger) is simply the absence of something. So what is fear the absence of?

The obvious answer is courage, which is partially true but it’s not the whole answer. The opposite of fear is love. I am referring to pure love, divine love, unconditional love.

We all have a spiritual muscle. I visualize it like an iris in your eye that opens and closes to let more or less divine love into our hearts. We can control how much of God’s love we can accept into our hearts. How? With purity, strength and courage.

It takes strength to accept God’s love into your life. It takes courage to love life and not get caught up in the trap of suffering. It takes strength to continue to be grateful, even for the struggles that seem too hard to bear. It takes strength to open your heart to love after a betrayal or a loss of a loved one.

So dare to love life! Go forward boldly and be grateful for God’s love.

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