Free Webinar: How and Why You Need Secure Email.

Free Version.

This Saturday I held a very important webinar on “How and Why You Need Secure Email.” This is a very important subject that I hope you listen to. Here’s why…

  • Most people think that their email is secure.

  • Or that they don’t need to worry about privacy.

  • But the fact is, privacy is VERY important for protecting your assets, your identity and your freedom.

  • Big tech companies and countries are scanning and recording your email right now.

  • Google, Microsoft, Facebook and all of the big tech companies have great products, but their business models are evil. You don’t know what freedom you are giving up, nor do you know how this data will be used against you in the future.

My goal with this webinar is 1) to convince you now and forever to secure your email, 2) I give you tips on how to keep your email secure and private, and 3) I teach you how to get rid of spam forever.

Here is the free version of my webinar…

If you want access to the premium version of this webinar, go here.

Here are the links to some of the tools I mention in the webinar…

ProtonMail Secure Email

Anonaddy - Anonymous Email Forwarding for your computer

SimpleLogin ( for iphone / for Android) - Anonymous Email Forwarding for your phone or tablet

ZAM-POP! The fantastic card game I created with my son and father.

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