Important Flashback

One Year Ago Today...

Hi from Glenn!

I want to do something different today.

Today is the anniversary of the email I sent out last year in which I expressed my belief that something very strange was going on with this virus and how the government was reacting to it. It was a very important email, so today I want to review that email with fresh eyes.

When I wrote that email, I was quite nervous about how you’d receive it. Now there are quite a few people who share my view, but at the time my view was counter to everyone’s perspective. It’s intimidating to publish something that is so against the grain, but I felt that it was very important to say.

I was glad to see that, in fact, it really resonated with you, and even today it remains my highest commented article.

Please Re-Read It.

I ask you to go back and reread that article right now. When you reread it, think about it from the perspective of the time, and also based on what you know to be true today.

See the article here.

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What Do You Think?

If you care to, I’d love to hear your comments after reading it again with fresh eyes.

  1. Did the article ring true to you then?

  2. Does the article ring true to you now?

  3. I stated that the media did not care about truth and that they actually love this situation because they love keeping you in fear. I also said that the media will never de-escalated the situation. As long as we continue to live in fear, they will continue to push fear on us. Do you think this has proven to be true?

  4. I stated that politicians in power ALWAYS want more power, and that they would use this situation to seize as much power as they could. I believe that this has clearly been shown to be true. Do you agree?

  5. I stated that behind it all are the central bankers. This is less obvious for people who don’t follow Austrian economists, but the awareness has definitely grown regarding how bad our dollar situation is. The Great Reset, with a new digital currency is definitely coming our way.

  6. I also predicted that the chaos in the world would increase, because this is an orchestrated way to keep us from focusing on how they are robbing us blind.

  7. I also stated that mandatory vaccines are a big threat, and that Bill Gates is a huge threat to our freedoms (be wary of anyone with power). Both of which are still true, although instead of mandatory vaccines they are choosing to do it in an even worse way with vaccine passports, which when combined with digital currency will put us into technological slavery.

Please tell me what your comments are on these points. I would love to hear what you have to say and how your opinion on these matters has evolved over the past year.

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For Those With Eyes to See…

Looking back on that article, I still agree with everything I wrote. I think it was accurate then and I still think that everything that has happened in the past year has been carefully orchestrated to generate fear, distort perspectives, steal our freedoms and ultimately function as a smoke screen for what they are really working on, which is now coming into focus.

Most people don’t agree with me, but an increasing number do. Most people have never even questioned the narrative that they’ve heard. Many feel that something is wrong, but they still haven’t put all the pieces together yet.

But for those with eyes to see, the truth is clear.

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What I Got Wrong…

There were a couple things I got wrong.

First, although I didn’t predict a timetable for the collapse of the US dollar, I thought it would have happened by now. I’m amazed that the Fed has been able to keep the dollar alive for so long. This has shocked many people.

Second, I had no idea that they would be able to dupe people for so long with this virus propaganda. I figured that people would see through the lies because the science would show people the real numbers. Not only have they been able to censor and silence a huge number of scientists, but fully half of the country is cheering the censorship on. More than this, these people have become the attack dogs on social media who tear anyone apart who disagrees with the authoritarian narrative.

As it is, the authoritarians are happy as can be that many people are marching in lock step to their desires.


One point I made that I think is very important to consider is, Theory #2: China created COVID-19 as a bio-weapon to destabilize us and the rest of the world. I am very concerned about this theory, because during times of economic downturns politicians look for a scapegoat, and to me, this smacks of a set-up for such a situation.”

You can see this playing out right now. The US is being very aggressive with both Russia and China, and both of those countries smell blood in the water because America’s military power will collapse with our dollar. Russia is chomping at the bit to move on the Ukraine and China wants to move on Taiwan, and the Pentagon wants to fight both of them at the same time. We are crazy to think that we could stand up to even one of these forces right now, but I can foresee a situation in which we will actually move against both, which would be disastrous for the US.

What To Do?

I ended with some advice, and I think it still holds true…

The most important thing is to trust in God, not in people or governments. Everything that happens in this world is part of God’s Plan, and you are also part of God’s Plan.

Take a breather and calm down. Turn off the TV. Stop watching the media. Don’t take part in politicizing the virus. Don’t play the blame game.

Be a force for calm and reason. Think critically about what you are being told and choose carefully who you listen to. It’s easy to simply assume that everyone has good intentions, but there are a lot of hidden agendas floating around.

Keep yourself healthy and boost your immune system. Eat well, drink clean water, get fresh air and sunlight and keep emotionally balanced.

Educate yourself about money! I strongly recommend that you watch Mike Maloney’s videos titled, “The Hidden Secrets of Money”.

Don’t trust the power-brokers; the media, politicians, big tech, Bill Gates or the big banks.

Question everything. Question the stats, the numbers, the pictures and videos. Freedom requires that you be skeptical about those in power. Don’t criticize others who are skeptical.

Buy enough food and supplies to ride this wave to the other side, which hopefully won’t take too long.

Thank you for continuing to read my newsletter. I love doing this.

💛 Glenn

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