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Please help me spread the word about my Privacy Action Plan course!

Hi from Glenn!

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As you know, I’ve been teaching people online privacy and security for years now.

Privacy is hugely important, because big tech, governments and thieves watch you, track you and record everything you do online without your knowledge or consent. This data can be used to steal from you, influence you and ruin your reputation.

But with all the articles, videos and webinars I’ve created, I noticed that people were still not taking the actions needed to get private. So I asked my subscribers what the obstacle was. Why were people not taking the steps to get private even after I taught them how to do it?

It took some digging, but I figured it out: people were simply overwhelmed by the number of things they had to do! They’d start the process and then they’d just throw up their hands and give up.

That’s why I created the Privacy Action Plan online course.

When you sign up for the Privacy Action Plan, you will receive a couple emails each week with bite-sized actions for you to take. So instead of focusing on the big picture and how overwhelming it is, just focus on the task at hand and before you know it, you’ll have your privacy figured out.

When you’re done with the course you will be able to explore the internet with complete peace of mind that you are as private as secure as you can possibly be.

  • You will learn how to avoid big tech and big brother surveillance.

  • You will learn how to shop online at any website without putting your credit card or personal info at risk.

  • You’ll be able to communicate with your friends, family and business associates in a completely private and secure way.

  • And you will learn how to finally and forever kill spam. You will be in total control of your email.

  • Plus many other things.

The Privacy Action Plan is a great course and people are loving it! Please watch this short video in which I explain the course and why people really NEED to get their privacy figured out.

Here’s what my student, Kimberlay says about the course, “Hi Glenn. This whole series is a great idea! Wow, what a nice service you are providing. The steps are clearly identified, well explained, and easy to put into practice with just a wee bit of time involved.

So here’s a summary of the course…

TITLE: Privacy Action Plan

ABOUT: The Privacy Action Plan is an online course that sends you a couple emails each week with little bite-sized actions for you to take to move you towards privacy. Just stay focused on the task at hand, and don't look at the big picture. Before you know it, you will have your privacy figured out.

SPEED: If you can, stay to the schedule that I give you, but if you fall behind, that's fine. You can go at your own speed. 

ALSO: You can ask questions every step of the way. One of our experts will answer you, and we also have a great community of people who can share their insights.

COST: The course is a one-time payment of only $99 (we have a 50% special going on until the end of March, use the coupon code: march50%off). This will give you lifetime access, and we won’t try to upsell you other stuff.

WHO? This course is for anyone who is concerned about privacy. It’s specifically geared for people who may not be very tech savvy. It’s appropriate for anyone in any country, because this is a global issue (currently the course is only in English though).

HOW? To sign up for the Privacy Action Plan, or to learn more, please go here:


We would love it if you join the Privacy Action Plan. Most importantly though, please forward this email on to anyone you know who should take this course (most people should). Forward this email to…

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Glenn Meder
Founder, Privacy Action Plan