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Hi from Glenn!

You close the bathroom door when you’re doing your business, right? (I hope so.) Why? Because you want privacy.

Privacy has nothing to do with whether you have anything to hide. Privacy is an essential human right, and it’s a requirement for civil liberties, democracy and freedom of speech.

We are living in a time in which governments and big tech companies are able to gather tremendous information about us. Remember that knowledge is power, and those companies and countries who have knowledge about you have power over you.

A lot of people were freaked out this past election because they witnessed how powerful and biased big tech is. The result? Parler was crushed by big tech, and everyone who posted on Parler had their information seized.

Normally these companies hide this power, but for a few days the curtain was pulled back and everyone witnessed a small portion of the power they have. Now that things have calmed down, they aren’t flexing their muscles anymore and it’s seemingly life as normal. But don’t forget that moment in which they showed their hand.

Most people are completely unaware of how much of their information has been collected, and they don’t realize how this information can be used as a weapon against them or how it can even be used to steal a republic.

Imagine a government as evil and power hungry as the Nazis that has almost total moment-to-moment information on its citizens. They know exactly who the troublemakers are, who questions authority, and who will stand up to that authority. They know who their friends are, who they associate with and where they are at any given moment. Governments could be highly selective at rounding up dissidents, and in today’s hate-filled environment it’s not a stretch to imagine people supporting these actions if the government simply labeled people they don’t like as “white supremacist terrorists”.

While that scenario is possible, there is another scenario that is certain, and it’s called the Chinese Social Credit System, which is in place now in China, and it’s soon coming to the US and Western Countries. In short, it’s a form of technological slavery.

It’s important to take steps now to protect your privacy. More than this, we need to convince others to do this too.

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Glenn Meder