Modern Medicine, COVID, Gut Health and Your Immune System

Governments and people around the world have placed their trust in modern medicine's approach to keeping us healthy, especially during this pandemic. But is this trust deserved?

I think it's time to step back and take a bigger picture view of our health and question what we are being told.

Let's ask ourselves...

  1. Does modern medicine really know as much about health as they think they know?

  2. Do they have alternative motivations for promoting a specific approach to medicine?

  3. Is avoiding a virus even possible?

  4. Is our focus on hand sanitizer and sterile environments healthy or harmful?

  5. What are we missing in our modern life that used to be a standard part of health?

  6. Why are some illnesses primarily present in developed countries more so than in developing or primitive countries.

I am grateful!

I want to start off by stating that I am extremely grateful that I live in a time and place with excellent healthcare. I am grateful for my doctor. I rest easy knowing that if anything happens to me or my family, a world-class hospital is only minutes away. Our wonderful healthcare system has saved my life after a motorcycle accident, has ensured the health of my newborn baby and has saved loved ones from serious problems.

At the same time, however, I recognize three things...

FIRST, our medical community doesn't know everything, not even close. There are many aspects of health they're just starting to figure out, and even more that they have no clue about.

SECOND, while science is supposed to be logical, analytical, non-biased and fact-based, it has become highly manipulated by money and politics. Scientific "consensus" is not the same thing as a fact, yet it is treated as such.

THIRD, I recognize that my health and the health of my family is my decision and my responsibility. I have freedom and personal responsibility. I can do research on the different experts in a field and choose who to trust, I can get a second or third opinion, and I can pray for guidance. I can decide whether to listen to mainstream medicine, or seek an alternative expert whom I feel is more in tune with the big picture of health.

Our Gut Bacteria is Poorly Understood.

One area of study that cutting edge medical researchers are just now starting to understand is gut bacteria and its powerful impact on our health and immune system, but this awareness has not yet filtered through to the main medical community. Indeed, widespread awareness of the gut biome by mainstream doctors may never happen because if people had healthy guts it would eliminate the need for many of the most popular prescriptions.

I'm not referring to simple probiotics. The study of our gut biome has taken some really interesting steps forward. One of the doctors at the forefront of this study is Dr. Robynne Chutkan. She has written some amazing books, and has adopted the motto, "Live Dirty, Eat Clean" to encourage us to get dirty (literally), while eating good, organic food and drinking clean water.

She points out that modern medicine still sees humans as separate from our environment; that bacteria, parasites and even viruses are bad, thus the need to constantly chlorinate the environment and lather up with hand sanitizer.

The truth, however, is that we are in a symbiotic relationship with our little microscopic friends and that our bodies have evolved to deal with our environment. Stress to our immune system is not a bad thing, and in fact can be a very necessary aspect of life. Even some organisms that have been previously viewed as harmful parasites are now shown to have positive health effects. The hookworm, for example, can cure the symptoms of Celiacs disease, and whipworm is being used to treat MS with remarkable results.

"When we consider immune health, it’s really about how healthy the host (ie, us) is that determines who gets really sick and who doesn’t. While the virulence of the pathogen is important, the health of the host is also really important. If the host terrain is strong and rooted, the pathogen has little chance to take over; if the terrain is weak and imbalanced, the pathogen can pose a serious threat. What I’m describing is what’s referred to as Terrain theory – the concept that a rich and balanced gut microbiome can protect us against harmful pathogens and prevent us from getting really sick; versus Pasteur’s germ theory – the conventional idea that the virulence of the pathogen is what determines whether or not we get really sick. Where our health is concerned, so much is in our power, and the power comes in the form of the lifestyle choices we make – Live Dirty, Eat Clean!"

Q&A With Dr. Chutkan On The COVID-19 Pandemic by Dr. Robynne Chutkan

Please take some time to watch this interview with Dr. Chutkan. I guarantee that you will get a lot out of it!

At the beginning of this article I asked, "Does modern medicine really know as much about health as they think they know?" From what I have observed from how the world has dealt with COVID, the answer is a shocking "no!"

As you saw in the video, gut bacteria is a crucial part of our immune system. Yet we are told to lather up with hand sanitizer, chlorinate every possible surface, and avoid touching people, which could actually make us more susceptible to illness.

We have been sold on the premise that avoiding COVID-19 is the way to not get sick from it, but in fact, avoiding a virus is basically impossible and the CDC knows this. Viruses are extremely small, much smaller than the holes in face masks and they are ubiquitous, meaning that viruses are everywhere.

Never before in history have we tried to hide from a virus, nor have we quarantined healthy people, which is actually not quarantine, but it is house arrest (quarantine is when you separate the sick people from healthy people).

The common sense answer for today's situation, in my opinion, is to do everything you can to keep your immune system strong. That's what I'm doing. I'm eating good food. Drinking clean water. Avoiding toxins. Getting fresh air. Laughing, enjoying life and reducing my stress. And I'm reading Dr. Chutkan's books and developing a strong gut. I'm happy to shake people's hands (if they are open to it) and give them a hug. The virus doesn't scare me in the slightest.

Just to be clear, I am not providing medical advice, nor am I suggesting that you don't wear a mask or use hand sanitizer. But I do encourage you to do your research and think about this issue in a different way. Question what you are being told.

Scientists and doctors are not the end-all, be-all for how to deal with situations. They are simply people; they can be deceived and manipulated, and they can also be the deceivers and the manipulators. They can be subject to group-think, they are especially sensitive to peer pressure and they have good jobs that they don't want to lose. They don't want to rock the boat, especially when they see doctors who have come forward get pummeled by the media and the social media mob.

Science and medicine are influenced by powerful forces, such as the pharmaceutical companies which make gobs of money by ensuring their vision of medicine wins. In addition, there are tremendous political powers at play using this situation to create fear, place blame and take away our freedoms, and this fear mongering will become more intense from now until the election.

Believe what you want to believe, but please think about what I've said. Do what you can to get healthy, and question the practices of becoming too sterile. I want to again remind you of Dr Chutkan's motto of "Live Dirty, Eat Clean".

Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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