My Perspective of COVID-19

Do you have a gut-instinct that something isn't right with this whole thing? As they say, follow the money.

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I just got off the phone with a customer service guy at Zappos. He asked me how I was holding up and I said, “Fine. It’s a great day.” He was shocked and relieved at my attitude. He told me how he was living in fear and everyone he talked to seemed freaked out. I did my best to calm him down by simply being in a good mood and assuring him that I’m not scared of COVID-19 in the slightest.

I’m not worried about COVID-19. I don’t trust the numbers that we are being force fed, and I never have. I am worried, however, about the sophisticated fearmongering, deception and manipulation going on right now, because I think it comes with an agenda.

The real news that no one is talking about is what is going on behind the scenes. I think a lot of us have a gut instinct that something is not right with this whole thing, but I haven’t heard anyone put all the pieces together properly yet, so I want to give you my perspective.

Here’s what it comes down to; I believe that COVID-19 is the perfect distraction for a massive financial deception that is currently being inflicted on us. It’s like the magician who draws your attention away from what is really going on. I believe that the economic implications of COVID-19 will be far more destructive and painful than the virus itself.

Before I go further, I want to make three important points…

  • First, I’m not saying that COVID-19 doesn’t exist or that it’s not a serious issue, especially for a specific segment of the populous, and I certainly don’t want to minimize the deaths that have happened from COVID-19. I do, however, think the numbers are being seriously manipulated for a purpose.

  • Second, I am NOT trying to change your mind or convince you of anything. I’m simply sharing my belief, and at this time that’s still an acknowledged right that Americans have.

  • Third, I am neither a medical professional nor an economist, but I have studied a lot about the economy. I am not giving advice or recommendations in this article.

With those disclaimers out of the way, here’s what I think is going on right now…

  1. We are trusting the wrong people.

  2. We are not seeing the big picture.

  3. The skeptics are being manipulated.


I have traveled the globe. I used to live in Malaysia. I’ve traveled all throughout Asia, South America and Europe, and I’ve learned first-hand that the vast majority of people are good. We just want to live our lives, take care of our families, and have a little fun along the way.

But not all people are good. Some people crave power and are willing to deceive, hurt and steal for their own gain. As you know, it’s sometimes hard to tell good people from the bad. One way you can do this is to see what people are attracted to. There are three professions that especially attract these power-seekers; the media, politicians and big bankers.

We put our trust in the media, politicians and bankers and we assume that our best interest is also their best interest. We assume that we are all on the same side, and we want this crisis to be over, we want small businesses to get back to work and we want life to be good again. Yes, you and I want the best for everyone involved, but I believe that the media, politicians and bankers definitely do NOT have your best interest at heart. The big bankers, especially, could give a damn about you or I, and they could give a damn about the USA.


People in the media are just reporting the news, right? I can tell you that I DO NOT TRUST the media. They are hardwired to create fear and panic. The more fear and panic they can create the more money, influence and power they have, period. People in the media are great at appearing like normal people, but they manipulate the masses. They provoke and stir things up. They always look for the thing that will ratchet up the tension. They will NEVER de-escalate a situation. COVID-19 is their ultimate dream situation.

There are different types of people in the media. There are the journalists and people on the ground, who are probably good people, but they know that to move their careers forward they have to appeal to their agenda-driven bosses. I do not trust the words they say, the stats they tell me, or the pictures and video the media shows me.

As an example, about a month ago I was listening to a news briefing from a lady from the CDC. This is before the tests for COVID-19 came online. She was telling the media that next week there was going to be a lot of new confirmed COVID-19 cases, but she said that this is NOT an indication of actual increases, but rather it’s just because we are testing for it now, and before we weren’t. She chided the media because she knew that these numbers would be twisted to create a graphic that shows a huge increase in cases, which is exactly what the media did, and is still doing.

All of the fear that is being created is based on the numbers, statistics and stories reported by the media, and each media outlet is going to one-up the next.

Again, I don’t believe the media can be trusted, and they will never de-escalate the situation because it goes against their hardwiring. Of course, there are exceptions. I recommend finding specific people you can trust, and not necessarily organizations. I like Ben Swann for one.


Obviously, power seekers are attracted to politics. The truth is, the best people for any political office would not actually run for office, precisely because they are not power seekers. The whole basis of our Constitution is that people in power ALWAYS want more power. This is a fact and it has always been a fact. Our Constitution protects our freedom by limiting the power of people in government, which is why politicians hate the Constitution. You are seeing this play out now in politicians who are more than happy to suspend the Constitution for “the good of the people”.

The politician’s motto is, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” This is certainly true regarding COVID-19. They love to talk about future projections of how many COVID-19 cases and deaths will happen. These future projections, however, are absolutely meaningless and are primarily used to generate fear. I totally ignore these numbers.

The fact is, you can’t trust people in power (even “your guy”) because power corrupts. You can see this play out in New Zealand right now. My family is from New Zealand, and I love the place. New Zealand is ranked high on the freedom index, but the current Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has shown that she loves a powerful central government and she loves finding reasons to suppress people’s freedoms. She first demonstrated this by attempting to take people’s guns away, and now she is preventing people from going for walks in the forest or on a beach. Sunlight and fresh air are very important for our health, but she doesn’t care. This is a move to take freedoms away and see how far they can push people.

I do NOT trust politicians, and I think history has proven this is the right position to take in this regard.


The most powerful group of them all though is the bankers. And I’m not talking about your neighborhood bank, but rather I'm referring to the large banks and the central banks of the world, like the Federal Reserve and the central bank of every country.

Bankers have a tremendous amount of control over countries. It is a mistake to think that they are on our side. They don’t care about anything other than their own wealth and power. Central banks are master manipulators and will do anything to protect their power structure.

I think it’s important to step back for a minute and understand what the Federal Reserve really is…

Take a look at the dollar bill in your pocket. Who issued it? Is it issued by the US Treasury? No. Rather it’s a Federal Reserve Note, printed by the Federal Reserve.

What is the Federal Reserve? This may surprise you, but the Federal Reserve is not owned or controlled by the US government. The Federal Reserve is a privately-owned bank, or more accurately, it’s a cartel of privately-owned banks that has complete control over the printing of the US currency.

While the US Constitution specifically grants Congress power over our money supply, in 1913 Congress abdicated this authority to the Federal Reserve. Congress no longer has control over the printing of US money, nor does Congress even know what the Federal Reserve does, which is why Ron Paul kept trying to pass a law to audit the Fed, which never passed.

To me it’s clear that the events happening now are directly connected to the Federal Reserve.


The government is in cahoots with the Federal Reserve, because they both feed each other’s greed.

The US dollar used to be backed by gold, meaning that you could actually take it into the bank and trade it in for physical gold. But the problem with backing your money with gold (from the government’s perspective) is that there is a limited supply of gold, which means that governments are limited in how much they can spend. In other words, a gold standard forces governments to be disciplined with their spending.

Governments and politicians don’t like to be disciplined with their spending. They want to promise people the world so they can get elected. They want to create an empire and fund wars.

So, by removing the dollar from the gold standard, politicians could get what they want (re-elected), and the Federal Reserve could print as much currency as they want, thereby stealing from us and enriching themselves.

For decades the Federal Reserve has been printing more and more currency. But, as history teaches us, the economy is like a law of nature; the more money you print, the less value each dollar holds. In other words, when you inflate the amount of dollars, you devalue the value of money. Other central banks around the world have been doing the same.

This constant printing of money has devalued the dollar by over 98% in the past 100 years, which is why a house that used to cost $3,000 now costs $400,000, and a candy bar that used to cost 5 cents, now costs $1.99. It’s the main reason why healthcare and everything else in life is so expensive and always seems to get more expensive. It’s not your imagination; everything always does get more expensive, because the Fed keeps making your money worth less and less.

This devaluation is an invisible tax and it’s how the central bankers steal money from you and me without our knowledge. It’s irresponsible, it’s theft and it’s cruel.


The Fed has printed too much money, and by doing so it has created a massive economic bubble that is going to pop. You can’t just keep printing more and more money and expect it to hold value. They’ve painted themselves into a corner through their own greed. The pop is inevitable, and they know it.

For years, economists (of the Austrian-economic philosophy) have warned that this pop will cause an absolutely massive economic collapse that will dwarf the 2008 recession and even the Great Depression. While the Great Depression was devastating for a huge number of people, at least they still had sound money that was backed by gold. So, the stock market crashed, but the dollar remained stable.

This time, however, we don’t have gold-backed money. Instead we have fiat currency that has no inherent value of its own. The danger is not just that we will have a stock market crash, but that our dollar will also crash. What does this mean?

Hyperinflation. Massive hyperinflation.

Hyperinflation means that the value of the dollar rapidly loses its value until it becomes worthless. Every single fiat currency in the history of the world has eventually lost all of its value. In Germany, at the beginning of 1920, 50 Marks was equivalent to one US Dollar. By the end of 1923, they had printed so many Marks that one US Dollar was equal to 4,200,000,000,000 Marks. Zimbabwe and Venezuela are other recent examples.

Every fiat currency in history has always devalued to nothing, unless it was actually backed by silver or gold.

The US dollar is collapsing. They’ve been waiting for this collapse for quite a while. They knew it was coming, but they didn’t know when. The collapse almost happened in 2008, but they managed to keep a lid on it at the last moment. Not this time. It is going down, and the decline will happen fast.

Many economists have been eagerly anticipating the dollar’s collapse, because although it will be devastating, they believe that the Fed’s unethical and irresponsible economic activities will finally be exposed and the public will see the corrupt system for what it is, and we will finally have fundamental financial reform.


The people who run the Fed aren’t stupid, and they are certainly not going to give up their power. The people who control the Fed wield a tremendous amount of power, because they control the world’s money. Would they give this power up?


The Fed knows that the dollar is about to collapse, but they don’t want to take the blame for the collapse. More than this, they want to set themselves up to ride to the rescue and be seen as our saviors so they can restructure and reset and gain even more control over us.

In short…they are going to hide the collapse of the US dollar in another large event.

So, the bankers get the politicians to shut down our economy in full knowledge that an economy can’t be shut down, that’s not how it works. An economy is like a 747 in flight; it weighs a million pounds and the only way it stays in the air is because it’s moving fast. Stop the 747 and it comes crashing to the ground in a devastating way.

Most people, including most politicians, don’t understand that just printing money and giving a people a check is not the same as having a robust economy. An economy is about the transfer of money. If I provide a service or product that helps you, and if you think I am doing it at a reasonable price we exchange my product for your money. I then go down and buy an ice cream or go to the chiropractor and exchange my money for their product/service. This exchange of money is healthy, and it makes a strong economy. Printing currency, on the other hand, simply devalues the currency and makes it worth less.

A robust economy creates value, while printing money destroys value, but most don’t understand the difference.

So, this is the Fed’s plan, as I see it.

  1. The Fed has destroyed the dollar, and thus the economy and they know it.

  2. We may experience a massive economic crash and a crash of the dollar itself.

  3. This economic crash would have happened anyway, it was inevitable, but the Fed wants to hide it behind another cause, which is COVID-19.

  4. To make it believable, they had to turn COVID-19 into something massive, while shutting down the economy and collapsing all businesses, States, cities and more.

  5. The Fed wants to be blameless, then come running to our rescue. They will then consolidate their power, restructure and gain even more power over us.

  6. And it’s happening now. The Great Reset is finally here.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that the Federal Reserve created COVID-19, but they have been waiting for exactly this type of situation that they can magnify and hide behind.


So when is the dollar going to crash? It’s hard to tell; it could happen next month or it could happen in two years (I don’t think it will take that long).

The faster the Fed prints currency, the faster the crash will happen. As I pointed out earlier, in Germany at the beginning of 1920, 50 Marks was equivalent to one US Dollar. By the end of 1923, they had printed so many Marks that one US Dollar was equal to 4,200,000,000,000 Marks.

We have started an era of endless currency printing and bailouts. We are bailing out big banks, individuals and small businesses now. These bailouts will continue, but they will be followed by bailouts for large companies, pension funds and then State and city governments. The printing of money will continue, and will get faster, which is exactly the crisis that the Fed has manufactured.

The second problem will be when foreign countries lose faith in the US Dollar as a reserve currency. This will happen, because other countries around the world also carry the burden of the devaluing of the US Dollar, so they will drop the dollar and we will be flooded with currency. This is bad, because exporting dollars has been one of the Fed’s important tools for slowing down the devaluing of the dollar.

So in other words, the faster we print currency and the faster our currency comes back to the US, the faster the devaluation will be. It’s a double whammy, and it’s all happening now.


As I said earlier, there are a number of people who are skeptical of what is going on. They know that something is not right, but they don’t understand money and thus can’t see the big picture, so they come up with theories that the power-brokers then manipulate and discredit.

One of the strongest tools of the central bankers is hiding the truth or bending the truth. For example, the Federal Reserve is not the first central bank in US history, it’s actually the third. The last central bank was destroyed by Andrew Jackson. People don’t like it when they realize their central bank is privately owned.

So when they created the Fed, they hid the truth. By calling it the “Federal Reserve”, people automatically think that it is a part of our government. It’s hidden in plain sight.

Have you ever wondered why they don’t teach children anything about money at school? We learn nothing about one of the most important subjects. This is not by accident. This is because the bankers maintain their power by keeping people in the dark. Teach people about money, even a little bit, and they start to question more and more. They dig into it and uncover the truth.

Truth shines a light on darkness.

So I’d like to address some of the theories floating around.

THEORY #1: 5G is connected to the COVID-19 outbreak. No. This is a distraction that takes people’s eyes off the real problem, which is the Federal Reserve. The Fed doesn’t care what you focus on, as long as it’s not them.

THEORY #2: China created COVID-19 as a bio-weapon to destabilize us and the rest of the world. I am very concerned about this theory, because during times of economic downturns politicians look for a scapegoat, and to me, this smacks of a set-up for such a situation. We have to be very careful about our politicians launching us into war. When we get a little distance on COVID-19, I believe we will see that the actual disease is not nearly as bad as we thought it was going to be. The real devastation will be from the economic calamity, which the Fed created. Again, don’t be distracted.

THEORY #3: This is a move by Democrats to crash the economy and remove Trump. This is far bigger than who is the President. The Federal Reserve doesn’t care who is President because they have been firmly entrenched in our country. The Fed only cares about themselves.

THEORY #4: The Fed is floundering and will collapse, and people will finally see the scam they have perpetrated on us, and we will go back to sound money. This is a theory that many Austrian economists have. They are waiting for the day that people will come to their senses. I disagree with this in two ways. First, the Fed is not going to let the collapse be perceived as their fault, and have been waiting for a disaster to hide their disaster in. Secondly, I don’t think that people will come to their senses, and the current COVID-19 event is proof; hardly anyone is questioning what we are being told.

THEORY #5: Mandatory vaccines. I think this is a very real threat, and it’s something that the government would like to do. They want to tear down the walls of what they are not allowed to do to us. This is not, however, the primary event happening right now nor is it the reason for the manipulation. This is a secondary benefit (from their perspective) that will help them increase their power and decrease our freedom.

THEORY #6: Bill Gates and other tech companies will create a tracking system that requires people to be vaccinated before people can travel, go to school or even shop. I think this is also a very real threat. Tech leaders, like politicians, can NOT be trusted because power corrupts.

If the power brokers can’t bend skeptics to one of these theories, they will discredit or destroy the person, and people on social media and academia are happy to pounce on people.


Again, I want to say that I am not providing medical or financial advice. I do have some spiritual advice if you are interested, and I’ll tell you about my perspectives on some actions one could take to protect themselves.

The most important thing is to trust in God, not in people or governments. The Central Bankers are not in control, not really. Everything that happens in this world is part of God’s Plan, and you are also part of God’s Plan. Every situation contains the opportunity to learn and grow, and hard times offer greater opportunities for growth, even though it may be difficult to see it while you are immersed in it.

Take a breather and calm down. Turn off the TV. Stop watching the media. Don’t take part in politicizing COVID-19. Don’t play the blame game.

Be a force for calm and reason during this period, because the world needs you right now. Think critically about what you are being told and choose carefully who you listen to. It’s easy to simply assume that everyone has good intentions, but there are a lot of hidden agendas floating around. It is a fact that there are people who gain a lot of money and power during periods of chaos and panic, and it’s in their best interest to keep you in a state of fear. Fearful people can be manipulated and blinded from deceptions, and I believe that there are some massive deceptions happening right now.

Keep yourself healthy and boost your immune system. Eat well, drink clean water, get fresh air and sunlight and keep emotionally balanced.

Educate yourself about money! I strongly recommend that you watch Mike Maloney’s videos titled, “The Hidden Secrets of Money”. You need to understand how money works. Even if you think you know this information, watch it anyway. And then encourage others, especially your loved ones, to watch it.

Don’t trust the power-brokers; the media, politicians, big tech, Bill Gates or the big banks.

Question everything. Question the stats, the numbers, the pictures and videos. Freedom means to be skeptical about those in power. Don’t criticize others who are skeptical.

I personally would not trust financial planners right now. The vast majority of financial planners are able to provide advice when the financial system works as it should, but they have no idea what happens if the wheels go off the track. I would dare say that most have no idea how our monetary system actually works. I would learn from others who have a broader world perspective. I especially like Burt Dohman, Richard Maybury, Robert Kiyosaki, and Simon Black but I think the guy who is really in tune with what is going on is Mike Maloney.

Hypothetically, if…I had money in the stock market or the bank, I would look into owning physical gold and silver, but I would not store it at my house or in a safe deposit box. There are special bullion storage accounts you can get with certain companies that are very safe and surprisingly low rent. Check out (I do not have a relationship with this company nor do I get any benefit for referring you to this site).

It’s important to buy enough food and supplies to ride this wave to the other side, which hopefully won’t take too long. Thankfully, we still have our wonderful infrastructure in place.


I want to end by saying that I could be totally wrong. We might just be on an extended holiday right now, and it will all end soon, we will go back to work and the problems will be real, but mild. This is, in fact, the view of Richard Maybury, who is a gentleman whom I truly respect (and he is definitely smarter than I am).

I hope I am wrong. I really do. But I don’t think I am.

I think we are in for pretty serious financial times. But through the tough times, do your best and then rest in God. What more can you do?

Hopefully this article made you think critically about what is going on, and if something is going to happen, maybe you’ve been given enough time to brace for it. Remember that in times of financial calamities, wealth is not destroyed, but rather it’s transferred. There were many people who became millionaires during the Great Depression because they saw it coming and were able to prepare.

At the end of the day, I hope we are able to ensure the individual freedoms of America, because if we have freedom, we will prosper.

I wish you and your loved ones the best.

Be well and trust in God, not in people or governments.

Glenn Meder

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