Restore our Freedoms!

I want to remind Americans and our political servants (the President, governors, mayors and judges) how America works, because clearly, we have forgotten.

In America, we recognize that…

We the People are sovereign. Our political leaders are our servants, our employees, not our superiors. Their job is to carry out their constitutionally mandated responsibility to protect our rights.

Our rights are not granted to us by our government. Rather, our rights are inborn and unalienable: they come from God. The Constitution and Bill of Rights codifies some, but not all of these God-Given Rights.

The US Constitution protects our freedoms by restricting the power of government, because our Founding Father’s knew that people in power ALWAYS want more power. The Bill of Rights is a reminder that officials have no legitimate power to restrict our freedoms.

The Bill of Rights does not contain an exception for emergency situations, except possibly a declaration of martial law by Congress. In other words, just because there is a crisis, our government can’t suspend our rights. Throughout time, crises have been the time-honored way by which people lost their liberties at the hands of their own government.

The First Amendment forbids government, whether national, state, or local, from making any law that prohibits our freedom to practice our religion as we as individuals see fit. The government does not have the authority to shut down our churches or limit the size of congregations. We each have the freedom to decide whether to go to church or not.

Our government does not have the authority to mandate a mass house arrest without due process (locking healthy people in their homes is not quarantine, but rather it is house arrest and it is illegal).

Our government does not have the authority to tell us where to shop or what to buy. Adults can choose for themselves what businesses to patronize, and what level of risk they want to take regarding COVID-19, while high risk individuals can hide themselves away if they want to.

Our government does not have the authority to shut down and thereby destroy small businesses or to determine which businesses are essential or not. Free markets need to be restored so entrepreneurs can create market-driven solutions the help their fellow man without worrying whether the government will arbitrarily shut them down and destroy their livelihood.

Our government does not have the authority to mandate vaccines or any other medical action, nor can it set up restrictions for people who don’t get vaccinated.

Our government does not have the authority to track our movements and use this data against us without our authorization.

Our leaders should not be encouraging Americans to report on other citizens and turn neighbor against neighbor.

We welcome moral leadership from our political servants if it is done in a way that respects our individual freedoms and the Constitution. Our inborn and unalienable, God-given freedoms are non-negotiable and we will not accept a "new normal" that in any way restricts them.

We were founded to be a representative republic of self-reliant and responsible free people. Our success as a nation and as individuals is not due to government regulation, subsidies, and control, but rather to a limited government that stays out of our daily affairs so that we are free to exercise our individual freedoms, choices, and creativity.

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