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  • FIRST, watch my webinar about the root cause of the chaos in the world right now. This webinar will truly open your eyes. This analysis is spot on, and it explains the root of everything going on right now.

  • SECOND, Your Brushstrokes of Life. Young people are under a tremendous amount of pressure to figure out what they want to “be” and “do” in their lives. This pressure is greater than ever before. This article will help.

  • THIRD, A Fresh Rant about Water Purity. Teaching people about water is my specialty. Three facts you need to embrace are; 1) we live in a toxic world, 2) if you are serious about your health, you need to avoid these toxins by consuming only the purest water and 3) it is YOUR responsibility to ensure your health.

I hope these articles will help you live a happier life…

Articles & Videos about Water.

FREE ONLINE COURSE: Emergency Water 101. This is a high-level training course that I put together to teach people about how to properly treat water in an emergency according to Red Cross and FEMA guidelines. You won’t find this level of education anywhere else.

PREMIUM ONLINE COURSE: Storing Water for an Emergency. This is a premium video course I put together that shows you how to get prepared for an emergency by storing water in the proper way. I created this course because there is so much bad information on the internet. You won’t find this education anywhere else. This is a premium course, but this welcome video is available to anyone.

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