The Coming Economic Storm

It's coming. Be aware, not scared.

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Last week I wrote an article about what I think is going on behind the scenes with the COVID-19 economic shutdown. I firmly believe that I am right in my beliefs, and I am surprised at people’s lack of skepticism, especially in the USA. (If you didn’t read that article, please do so before continuing.)

Today I wanted to write a follow up article that will answer a lot of questions I received. I will discuss the Fed’s endgame, and a spiritual perspective on the situation.


If you mention to someone that you are very concerned about how the shutdown will affect the economy, many will dismiss your comment and will say, “Saving lives is much more important than earning money.

But here’s the truth of it; there comes a point at which the economic damage will cause many more deaths than COVID-19. On top of this, I believe we were headed for a very severe economic collapse anyway because of the actions of the Federal Reserve (as I explained in my previous article).

The fact is, the vast majority of people, including (especially) politicians don’t understand how economies work. Printing currency and simply giving someone a check is NOT the same as having a robust economy – in fact it’s the exact opposite.

An economy is based on this simple formula…

  1. You have a problem.

  2. I figure out how to solve your problem by providing a product or service.

  3. If you think mine is the best solution at the best price, you give me money for it.

  4. Then I take your money and go buy something that solves a problem I have.

This exchange of currency for solutions CREATES VALUE EACH STEP OF THE WAY.

But when the Federal Reserve simply creates currency out of thin air to give you a check, it actually destroys the value of the dollar because when you create new currency, you are diluting the purchasing power of existing US Dollars.

An economy CREATES value, while printing US dollars DESTROYS value.

But again, people and politicians don’t understand this.


Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad, wrote another book called Conspiracy of the Rich. In it he explores the reason why we are not taught anything about money in K-12, even though money is an extremely important and practical subject that everyone should understand. His conclusion: our lack of education on money is not a coincidence.

Our entire financial system is designed as a ponzi-scheme that allows bankers to steal from the poor, middle and even upper class without their knowledge. While businesses and entrepreneurs (the makers) create value in our society, the central bankers (the takers) have devised a system that constantly steals the value of your currency.

Ask yourself these questions…

  1. Why is it that a house that used to cost $3,000 sixty years ago now costs $350,000 or more? Did something fundamentally change with the house? No. What changed is the value of the US Dollar.

  2. Why is a candy bar that used to cost 20 cents now $1.99 and is half the size?

  3. Why is it that 30 years ago only one person per household needed to work, while now both need to work and even with both spouses working, it’s very difficult to make ends meet?

The answer to all of these questions is that the value of the dollar is much weaker than it used to be. The dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power in the past 100 years.

The US dollar loses value because for decades the Fed has continued to create money out of thin air, in other words they have “inflated” the money supply, which in turn causes the value of the dollar to go down (devalue). In other words, they create currency, funnel it to any person, business, organization or war that helps secure the Fed’s power, and then it slowly trickles back into our economy where it devalues our currency.

The devaluation of the dollar happens gradually. At some level, we all know that this devaluation happens and yet we simply accept it as “the way it is”. But that is not how it has always been. In fact, when money is backed by gold, it remains remarkably stable.

This devaluation of our dollar is theft, and it’s happening right in front of our eyes. But we don’t see it because we don’t understand money.


Ignorance is no excuse.

Our ignorance of about how money works allows the central banks of the world to steal money from us on a massive scale without our knowledge.

Remember that the Federal Reserve is not a government institution, but rather it’s a cartel of privately-owned banks. Yes, the institution that has total control over US Dollars is privately owned! The Federal Reserve hides in plain sight because they pose as a government institution. Most politicians have no idea. Most people have no idea. And this is how they like it.

The central bankers don’t want you to learn about economics, because if you did, you’d figure out their game. If a good number of Americans learned what really goes on, they would figure out that their game of inflation is really theft and it’s at the core of many other day to day problems, from the high cost of healthcare, to the constant daily financial struggle of many families and our overextended military involvement overseas.

The Fed loves it when you argue about who is going to be the next President, whether abortion should be legal, or whether we should build a wall, because the more attention you give to these other issues, the less attention you put on them. All they care about is that you don’t figure out their game.

But here’s the thing, we are going to learn very quickly that having “Sound Money” is essential to an economy. Sound money is essential to freedom, and it’s essential for civilization itself. It’s up to us to demand sound money, but we can’t demand sound money if we don’t even know what sound money is.

We (you and I) need to become properly educated about money, and then we need to educate others. As many as possible.

THE ECONOMY = BUSINESSES (everything else goes along for the ride)

Forget about your political affiliations for a moment; economics is simple…

The engine for an economy is business. Businesses are the source of value creation in an economy, and from this value creation, taxes and donations support government and charitable services.

Governments, universities, schools, the military, welfare, churches and other charitable organizations are supported by the value creation from businesses.

Many of the people who work in government and universities, as well as politicians and the public at large are unaware of this fact. They get their paycheck from the government, so they think that the government is the origin of their income, but the original source of their paycheck are the businesses that create value, which then were taxed.

This misunderstanding of businesses being the primary source of value creation is why we see policies that are very destructive to businesses and our economy from our political leaders, such as not understanding how destructive it is to shut down the economy.


An economy is a finely tuned, very efficient machine and all aspects of the economy are interdependent upon one another. It is a fallacy to say that there are essential businesses, and non-essential businesses. My father’s manufacturing business, for example, produces high-end water distillers and is considered an essential business, but his business depends upon hundreds of other businesses who supply components, and each of those businesses rely on hundreds of other businesses. Shut down a simple cardboard box manufacturer and you could shut down hundreds of other businesses.

This is why economies work best when the government doesn’t interfere.

Businesses MUST stay in motion or they collapse. I like the analogy of a 747 in flight. A 747 weighs 875,000 pounds, but it’s able to stay in flight because of its forward motion. Stop the 747 and it comes crashing to the ground in a devastating way.

Our economy right now is the 747 that stopped in mid-flight and is now in free fall.


There are three ways this could go, in my opinion.

First, I may be totally wrong and our economy will snap back just like we were on an extended vacation. Every year, Europe basically shuts down for the month of August, and maybe that’s all this is.

Second, we could experience a depression. It would be significant and painful, and be worse than the recession of 2008, and possibly bigger than the Great Depression. If, however, small businesses can get back on track and adapt to the new world with minimal government intervention, then we could dig ourselves out fairly quickly.

The third option will be more painful. Remember that in 1929, the stock market crashed, but the US Dollar was still backed by gold, so our money supply was stable. Today, our dollar is not backed by gold and the creation of money is increasing so fast that we are, in my humble opinion, likely to see hyperinflation (a rapid devaluation of the dollar). If the dollar itself collapses, our situation could be significantly worse.

I personally think the third option is more likely, and as I stated in my previous article, I believe that the Federal Reserve is using COVID-19 to make it seem like the dollar’s collapse was not their fault. In fact, however, the collapse of the dollar was imminent anyway.


  • Many (most?) small businesses will not survive this economic storm, and small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, innovation and job force. Countless people will lose their entire life savings, and I believe we will see a spike in suicides because of this.

  • Unemployment claims shot up 23%, but this may be low. These people are now being supported by the government, which can only get money by taxing businesses or creating money, which devalues the dollar.

  • Already the food distribution system is showing serious instability, and for the first time in generations the USA may face serious food shortages and nutrition problems. If the food distribution system collapses it could cause a great many deaths, far more than have been affected by COVID-19. In addition, lower nutrition levels will make people more susceptible to illness and other forms of death.

  • Entire sectors of the economy have been devastated. This includes the airline industry, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and anything related to tourism and travel. These industries will NEVER return to their prior level.

  • For the first time in decades, the US had achieved energy independence because of our increased oil production, but now the oil price has collapsed. This means an entire industry and many jobs are at risk, and we are probably not going to stay energy independent.

THEN GOVERNMENT AGENCIES WILL FEEL THE PAIN. It will take a little bit longer for the economic storm to hit government agencies and other institutions that are supported by businesses. Think of how low the tax revenue will be from sales tax, tire tax and income tax since people aren’t driving, working or spending their money. There will be tremendous shortfalls, which will require bailouts for States, Counties and Cities (more money printing, which further devalues the dollar) and they will have to cut jobs.

CHARITIES WILL THEN FEEL THE PAIN. Americans are extremely generous to charities. These charities provide unprecedented help to poor people in the USA and around the world. But now there will be fewer people able to contribute and many more who will need the help.

THEN IT WILL HIT THE US MILITARY. The USA is the last remaining global superpower with the strongest military because of our wealth (businesses) and the fact that the US Dollar is the reserve currency (for now). Our military ensures the safety of not only the USA, but of most of the developed world. Our military will be drastically weakened by this.

This is particularly worrying, and the fact is, now more than ever…


When economies collapse, wars become MUCH more likely. This is for a few reasons…

FIRST, in an economic collapse, bankers and politicians love to find a scapegoat so we the people put our attention on the “bad guys” instead of the real people stealing from us. Recently there have been very disturbing news stories blaming China for COVID-19. These stories smack of propaganda designed to stoke a war. We have also been ratcheting up tensions with Iran and Venezuela.

SECOND, the other risk of war comes from the collapse of the oil prices. There are a number of countries, such as Russia, that get over 90% of their income from oil prices. This makes countries desperate, and war becomes much more likely.

THIRD, throughout history, it has been shown that when superpowers start to lose their power, they lash out to prove that they still are in control. The USA has been losing its power because the Fed has printed too much money and the gravy train is coming to an end.

When you realize all the destruction that can happen as a result of a collapsing currency, you realize that…


An economy REQUIRES TRUST. If people don’t trust the currency, all of the exchanges of value that keep the economy moving forward fall apart. In fact, TRUST in the money supply is the glue that hold everything together.

Why does the dollar in your pocket have value? Simply because you and others believe it does. But the Federal Reserve has been untrustworthy with their printing of currency. They are greedy and have stolen from me and you until the US Dollar will soon be worthless, and this irresponsible currency creation happened long before the COVID-19 event. They are now trying to hide the destruction they’ve already created in COVID-19’s shadow.

So people will lose trust in the dollar. It’s inevitable. And I think we will eventually have no choice to go back to the gold or silver standard, which would be a great thing. But before they go back to the gold standard, they’re going to try something else…


As I’ve stated, by being in control of the US Dollar, the Federal Reserve holds a tremendous amount of power and they will do anything to hold onto their power, and they will even try to increase their power.

Remember, the Fed does not give a damn about you or me, and in fact, they would like to enslave us if possible. They’re going to try to do this by introducing a digital currency. But I’m not talking about a simple credit card. No, this is going to be much more devious.

This video explains how they are going to try to do this…

It’s a shocking concept, right? But, you say, we won’t give up our freedoms that easily.

Oh really?

The changes they are making right now behind the scenes are not being challenged at all. Even influencers who should be skeptical of what is going on, aren’t, even though the truth is obvious if you dig.

But they aren’t going to force this approach on us. Rather they will sell us on it so we will WANT it to happen. They will keep giving us free money (as long as we use their app). They won’t put many restrictions on how we can use this money in the beginning. But over time they will start to put small restrictions on where we can spend the money, and these restrictions will be for our “best interest”. Then one day we will wake up and realize that we are literally slaves to our new economic system.

Yes, this seems like a very gloomy, dystopian view of the future, but, in actuality…


The central bankers are building a house of cards. It’s very fragile and I believe it will collapse.

Their house of cards depends upon 1) fear, 2) people’s continued ignorance of how economics works, 3) the elimination of the Constitution and individual freedom.

I am already seeing chinks in the fear machine. People are not putting up with the obvious fear mongering that is going on. Yes, I think the fear will increase as the economy crashes, but I think (I hope) that we are not willing to live our lives in fear anymore.


People can choose to reject fear and put their trust in God.

The central bankers believe they are in charge, but I don’t believe that they are. Obviously, you can believe what you want to believe, but I believe that each of our lives is divinely guided. We have a choice of whether to live in fear or open our hearts and be a vessel for God’s love.

I hope we will choose to be strong, and trust in God instead of cowering in fear.

I hope we will choose to learn about economics so they can’t take advantage of us anymore.

I hope we will choose to cherish the Constitution and protect it, so it can continue to protect us.

I want to be clear that my message is not one of revolution against the corrupt financial system that the Fed has created. This world is the schoolyard for Soul. We are each here to learn certain lessons, which means that we will always always face difficulties here.

Rather, my interest is to give you a perspective that may help you be prepared. If I can make a difference in your life, make it better in some small way, that would be great. And then maybe you will touch a few more people.

All each of us can do is the best we can do, then we turn it over to God. For my part, I want to stay educated and aware of what is going on, in a detached way. I’ve made the preparations that my budget will allow. Then I get on with my life.

I like writing these articles, and I put a LOT of work into them because this is an important and sensitive subject. I want to be sure that I am serving life in the highest way possible. I absolutely do not want to cause fear, just awareness.

You and I need to stay calm. We need to be the rock that our loved ones will turn to. Know that God’s hand is in this and he is really in charge. Keep your heart open to God’s love. Continue to pray. Be compassionate to others. Educate them without inspiring fear. Take actions to help yourself be prepared. Be strong.

Thank you.


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