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Again, Glenn, you have found the root. FIRST is to get the kids out of public schools and INTO other kinds of groups, such as social groups of homeschoolers. I would add to limit the amount of screen time, especially social media or video game groups. Friends are people, not filaments of technology. I would agree no drugs - learn herbs if you can, for specific purposes. Or, what almost anyone can do, promote time in nature with family and or friends - farm work, national parks, tree-planting endeavors, etc. This will also help with the health issue. Then, make sure the family eats hopefully home-grown food, but definitely (organic) produce and NO processed food. I know some people are too indigent to do this, but it is better to eat a little of good things and be a bit hungry than to eat a lot of unhealthy things. Speaking up can be harder, as one has first to find the milieu and then gather the courage to speak. Sometimes one can lose friends or closeness with extended family by speaking. Sometimes there is a balancing to be done - does one speak and thus isolate oneself or not speak and retain relationships. Does it help to isolate oneself when no one listens anyway? These are issues each person must settle him or her self. Resist though, being the victim, saying in effect, "I know what is going on and can do nothing and will be conquered and smothered." Keep it up, Glenn

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