The One Question That Matters in the Free World Right Now.

Hi from Glenn!

I hope you are well! Today I have just a single topic, but it’s a very important topic.

Today I want to talk about freedom...

I am concerned.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the free world has changed. We aren’t as free as we were 18 months ago, and it’s getting worse. Much worse.

And it’s not due to the illness. That’s just an excuse.

The power elite have decided that now is the time to crack down and take control. We are rapidly losing our freedoms.

This is a planned, highly coordinated global movement.

If you step back from the propaganda and look objectively at what is happening to the world, you will see it.

The tools they are using include division by race, gender, age and by whether you will obey the authorities or not (mask wearing and vaccinations). They have destroyed small businesses, while boosting big businesses, and in so doing have centralized power and wealth. They are paying people not to work, while small businesses beg workers to work for them. They are breaking the backs of landlords, while big corporations buy up thousands of houses to meet the World Economic Forum’s vision of “By 2030 you won’t own anything and you will like it.”

As I have said many times, people in power ALWAYS want more power.

The vast majority of politicians are power seekers, as are big bankers and many in the media. Australians seem to have given in, as have Canadians, and most Europeans. Many places around the US have also embraced the fear mongering, accepted vaccine passports, censorship and government control of our lives.

Not only have many people embraced the fear mongering, but they actively take part in it, like schoolkids who are not brave enough to be bullies themselves, but they will gladly pile on and kick the weaker kid when the big bullies are pounding on them.

But here’s the thing…

The freedom-loving person is not the weakling, even though he/she feels helpless.

The freedom-loving person is not alone, even though he feels alone. In fact, freedom loving people have many more friends than the bullies do, and if they stand up together and make their voices heard their is nothing that can stop them.

The media will back down if we stand up together.

The politicians will remember their place if we make our voices heard.

The bullies will shrink bank into the shadows if we stand together.

But here is the question that will determine our future…

Are freedom-loving people going to stand up and resist the chains of oppression?

Freedom-loving people are good, simple people who just want to live their lives. They don’t want to stand out. The don’t want the spotlight on them. They don’t want to raise their voices. They don’t want to argue and they certainly don’t want violence.

Instead, they want to live and let live. They cringe at the idea of becoming a target of the highly organized bullies who are fully supported by the media and many politicians.

Instead, the silent majority of good, hard working, freedom-loving people have always let their voices be heard at the voting machine. In other words, they look for someone else to fight their battle.

This is why so many people love Donald Trump. Yes, he’s rude and crass but he stands up to the bullies who attack everyone who doesn’t agree with woke, socialist ideas. And he never backed down.

But relying on others to fight for your freedom is a losing formula.

One person, no matter how strong, can NOT stand up to the forces that are fighting against freedom. If you are waiting for a Trump or Desantis to save the USA, we will lose the USA and our freedoms will disappear.

The truth is this, you can’t outsource your fight for freedom. We the People are free, and We the People must do what it takes to remain free. This is our battle, and we each have to stand up and peacefully win our freedoms back. (I want to emphasize that we need to do this peacefully, because they want us to get violent).

I often receive comments from people who say that I’m a brave man for saying what I say. They then follow it up by saying that they are going to stay in the shadows so they don’t become a target.

If that is how it’s going to be, then we are doomed.

The only way that freedom survives is if all freedom lovers stand up for freedom!

You need to be brave and speak your mind.

Be individually courageous.

Make your voice heard.

Speak your mind to the local school boards who are brainwashing our kids.

Make your voice heard by city and State leaders and remind them that it is their job to protect our individual freedoms. That is what they take an oath to do.

Stop being scared of being shouted down by people who want to take our freedoms away.

I do what I can. I write this newsletter. I do videos. And this weekend I submitted this letter to the editor to our local paper…

I urge Nebraskans to remember that We the People are free. Our rights and freedoms are granted to us by God, not politicians. Politicians don’t have the authority to take away our freedoms.

Politicians are our servants, not our masters.

Governor Rickets has been better than many other Governors, but he has not been strong enough. He needs to unequivocally state that we the people are free and that Federal, State, and local governments can’t infringe on our freedoms, and he needs to work with the State Senate to stop it.

He needs to stop the child abuse that is happening in schools that require little kids to wear masks all day. If some parents are worried about their kids, they can keep them home. Kids need to be kids again. They need to see people’s smiling faces. They need to run and play. This is vital for their happiness and physical and mental health.

We need to demand our freedoms back. We will not accept a vaccine passport, different rules for vaccinated people, mask mandates, infringements on our health privacy, or any other excuse to divide people in our community. Nor will we allow propaganda to be forced on our children.

It is up to us to stand up for our rights. Crises have been the time-honored way by which people lost their liberties at the hands of their own government.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights only protects us if we, in turn, protect the Constitution.

Our future relies on one thing and one thing only: Are freedom-loving Americans going to step up and stand up for our freedoms?

If not, we will lose our freedoms faster than you can imagine.

Have a great week! Please remember to forward this issue to everyone you love!

Glenn 💛

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