Think Before Sharing Photos of Your Children

I've talked a lot about online privacy because it's a very important subject.

Too many people don't think about it at all. This is painfully true when it comes to sharing pictures of your children.

Yes, we all want to show our kids know that there are bigger issues at play here. There are bad people who go online and look at those innocent pictures of your children! You know this is true.


FIRST, if you must post pictures of your children, don't post nude pictures or embarrassing pictures. Show them some dignity, please!

SECOND, you must know who can see those pictures. You can adjust your privacy settings on Facebook so that only your friends can see the pictures. Go through the privacy settings thoroughly on FB and know exactly what every setting means. Also, go through and see if you really know your FB "friends". It may be time to start clean house.

THIRD, even if you adjust the privacy settings on FB, you are still allowing FB to have control over those images. Even if you delete it from FB, FB still has the file and will ALWAYS have the file. And yes, FB has facial recognition software and will be able to catalog your child with the information.

FOURTH, for the love of God, don't talk about locations, or the school that your child goes to. Remember that the guy who kidnapped Jamie Closs picked her out by simply seeing her get off a school bus.

FIFTH, never post your locations or when you plan on being out of town.

Social media is not your friend. FB doesn't care about you. Nothing that you post is private, so please think twice (and three and four times) before posting something.

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