Water And Lies, and What You Can Do About It.

There is a "new" water contamination issue in the news; lead in the water in Newark, NJ. People are up in arms and officials are denying that they knew anything about it.

But here's the thing, this isn't a new issue and the officials are lying. My father and I traveled to New Jersey multiple times over 20 years to give a presentation about water quality to the New Jersey School Board and other officials. They knew that there was a significant problem with lead in the water back then. Their solution: flush out the water pipes in the schools before the kids got there, at least on the days that the State was going to test the water.

Nothing ever happened as a result of our meetings, and I'm pretty darn confident that their solution today is the same as it was then. Some residents have been given cheap little water filters, but guess what? They don't work.

Filters like that often say that they can remove lead from the water, but then you will notice that there is an * astrix by the claim. Read the small print and you will find that the filters are approved to remove FLAKES of lead, but not dissolved lead. Again, deception.

If there is one thing to take from all of my writings about water quality it's this...

Your water safety is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Do not rely on the government to take care of your water. It will never happen.

Educate yourself on different treatment methods, and if you are able, get a good water distiller. A good, customized filter / RO system could also provide a high level of protection (not as good as a distiller), but you if you choose this route you need to talk to a local water specialist, and be prepared to pay a good penny because you get what you pay for.

My recommendation, as always, is this.

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